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A growing number of bed bug infestations have put many people at risk of being exposed.

Facilities such as:

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Apartment Complexes 
  • Furniture Stores
  • Assisted Living Facilities 

and other locations typically attract bed bugs because of their constant flow of foot traffic. 

This makes it necessary for staff and management to work to ensure that infestations don’t develop and spread.


Many bed bug bites result from the negligence of property owners due to improper preventative measures such as periodic inspections and education of staff. 

The Bed Bug Lawsuit

There are several questions related to how much you can get for a bed bug lawsuit…

Some commonly asked questions include:

What is the average settlement value for a bed bug case in 2019?

How much can I get for my bed bug injuries?

How much is a case worth?

To file a bed bug lawsuit you should have experienced severe injuries as a result of bed bugs. 

It’s also important that you were exposed to bed bugs due to the negligence of the property owner. 

Meaning that: 

The property owners knew about the bed bug problem but chose not to do anything about it. 

Bed Bug Hotel Lawsuit

When traveling or moving, it’s important to make sure your home or hotel room is clear of bed bugs.

These insects often nest in dark and enclosed locations such as:

  • Behind headboards
  • Picture frames
  • Within the folds of the mattress
  • Under furniture

Just because you don’t see live bed bugs, doesn’t mean you’re not experiencing an infestation. 

To know for sure…

You can look for bed bug evidence.

Signs of an infestation include:

  • fecal stains that are dark brown or black
  • round white eggs
  • Shed skin
  • Red welts or bumps on your skin

If you or a loved one are bitten by bed bugs and had no prior knowledge of their presence…

It’s important to gather as much evidence as possible to build your case.

You may be able to file a personal injury claim and seek compensation if a negligent party was responsible for the infestation and subsequent bites.

In many cases, hotel settlements normally range between $25,000 to $500,000, but the total amount of compensation could easily fall out of this range on either side.

Bed Bug Lawsuit Apartment

In almost every state, landlords are required to provide tenants with safe living conditions.

This requirement is often referred to under:

The Implied Warranty of Habitability.

Exposing tenants to a widespread bed bug infestation presents a habitability problem, and some states have laws that deem landlords responsible for taking action.

Depending on the specifics of your case:

You may be able to sue your landlord for breaching the implied warranty of habitability. By allowing bed bugs to remain, the landlord could be endangering your health and safety.

If your landlord isn’t responding to your complaints, you can consider sending a bed bug demand letter.

You might also be able to sue your landlord for:

  1. Lost or damaged property
  2. Moving costs (to a new apartment)
  3. Expenses you endured for pest control
  4. Compensation for your injuries
  5. Your legal fees

To successfully sue your landlord you should take some time to gather evidence, which include photos of bed bugs, complaint letters, and receipts for expenses.

Important Case Factors

There are several key factors that will affect the value of the bed bug case.

These include:

Number of Bites

It’s often difficult to file a bed bug claim if you were only bitten once.

But if you sustained multiple bites…

AND it’s proven the bites are in fact from bed bugs, you’ll be more likely to win a larger settlement.

The more bites you experience the more likely it is an infestation has been lingering for a longer period of time. 

Click here for more information on diagnosing a bed bug bite. 

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses for bed bug bites could include any of the following:

  • Urgent care and emergency room visits
  • Overnight stays at hospitals
  • Appointments with dermatologists
  • Estimated costs for future treatments.

You may also be able to seek compensation for cosmetic treatments required to minimize keloid scars

Scarring can happen if your skin has a severe reaction to the bites, or if the bite turns into blisters from constant scratching. 

Emotional Distress

Also referred to as mental anguish or pain and suffering, this is another type of damage that bed bug bite victims can recover.

These could include:

The above medical issues can all occur in extreme cases.

This prevents individuals from traveling or getting the sleep they need out of fear of future infestations.

Property Damage

In many cases:

Infested property such as bedding, clothing, furniture, luggage, and mattresses will need to be disposed of to eliminate the infestation.

Fumigation is always an option, but this is both costly and time-consuming.

Victims can often seek compensation for damage to personal property if they weren’t responsible for the infestation…

Especially in a situation where hotel management & landlords are liable. 

Lost Income

If bed bug bites cause you to miss work due to hospital stays or other circumstances such as:

  • Cleaning the home
  • Moving to another residence
  • Waiting for pest control
  • Recovery from injuries

you may be able to recover compensation for any past, or future lost wages during this period.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages entail punishing the party found responsible for an infestation to prevent future instances of injury to others.

These damages are typically awarded when a defendant has been deemed liable due to either negligence or the intent to cause harm to others.

In the event of a bed bug infestation…

Hotel owners and landlords are required to ensure that the facility is properly cleaned and maintained to mitigate the spread of bed bugs.

All of these factors can impact the value of your case, with both monetary and non-monetary damages recoverable.

If you’re unsure about the type of compensation you can recover for bed bug bites…

It’s best to consult with an attorney who can answer your questions and determine if you have a case.

Get in touch with a lawyer by submitting your case here or calling (855) 733 9217.

How to File a Bed Bug Lawsuit

In order to file a lawsuit you should talk to a personal injury attorney. During your initial consultation, you should give an in-depth explanation of your bed bug case.

You should also present them with any evidence you have gathered.

 A lawyer will then try to determine the following:

  • The origin of the bed bug infestation: Did you cause the bed bugs or were they there before you arrived?
  • The evidence: What level of evidence do you have against the responsible party? Whether it be receipts, photos, documented conversations etc.
  • Whether there is proof of negligence: A lawyer will be interested in whether you can prove that the responsible party knew about the infestation but chose not to take appropriate action. 

You shouldn’t try to pursue a lawsuit by yourself, or you’re risking your chances at getting compensation in the end.

It is also CRITICAL that you take legal action within a reasonable amount of time. If you wait too long you’re at risk of the statute of limitations.

(In this case It’s 2 years after the day of the injury).

If you try and file a lawsuit after this allotment of time, you likely won’t be able to receive compensation for injuries or financial losses.  

Bed Bug Attorney Lawsuit Info

If you or members of your family were harmed as a result of bed bugs…

You may be eligible for financial compensation.

However, due to the complicated nature of many bed bug cases:

It’s important to work with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to file a claim.

A reputable attorney will be able to help you determine if you have a viable case and inform you of the types of damages you may be able to recover.

Get Your Free Consultation

With all of this in mind…

Get in touch today for your free case evaluation. 

There are NO fees unless you win your case. 

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Date Published: 2019-09-27

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