Motel 6 Bed Bugs

The Motel 6 is a hospitality company in the United States and Canada with a chain of budget friendly motels.

These motels were founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1962 by local building contractors.

The idea was to build motels with rooms at low cost rates.

Back then these rooms were as low as…

$6.00 per night (equivalent to $50.00 in present day).

These motels have been a favorite in the budget hotel space in North America for close to half a century.

With around 10,00 locations in North America.

(company owned and franchised)

These motels pride themselves on providing clean comfortable rooms with an emphasis on convenience.

Unfortunately, with such a high degree of customer churn and foot traffic…

These motels are vulnerable to bed bug infestations.

Motel 6 Bed Bug Lawsuit

If you experienced bed bug bites from staying at a Motel 6:

You may be eligible for financial compensation.

We’re here to connect you with a lawyer that can determine if you’re eligible to file a lawsuit.

With reported bed bug cases in all 50 states

Bed bug infestations have made a comeback since the early 2000s.

Victims of motel bed bug infestations could obtain compensation for both monetary and non-monetary damages.

These damages include:

  • Physical Injuries
  • Emotional or Mental Trauma
  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages (during and as a result of the incident).
  • Property Damage (clothing, luggage, baggage, furniture, bedding, etc..)
  • Bed Bug Extermination Costs
  • Long Term Psychological Damage

Does Motel 6 Have Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are about the size of an apple seed and tend to crawl in cracks and crevices to hide.

These creatures are considered parasites, as they have been feeding on human blood for centuries.

For the most part they don’t transmit diseases or cause serious medical risks.

Like other similar looking insects.

But they are resilient creatures that cause skin irritation and unappealing bite marks.

So to answer the above question…

We can’t say whether or not a given motel room DOES or DOES NOT have bed bugs.

Whether it be a 5 star hotel, or a budget friendly motel…

NO place is immune to catching a bed bug infestation.

If you suspect your motel room is infested with bed bugs.

You should inspect the room properly.

And follow the instructions below.

How to Identify Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don’t always leave marks.

Sometimes the best way to know if there’s an infestation is to see the creatures themselves.

Although that’s not always easy.

Adult bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye, but baby bed bugs (nymphs) are much more difficult to spot.


Once bed bugs have taken residence in a room that you’re staying they are very difficult to remove.

Bed bugs typically feast on you while you’re asleep.

Making it difficult to catch them in the act.

Victims are often awoken by a serious itching sensation and will need to inspect their surroundings accordingly to learn of an infestation.

Common areas where bed bugs are found can be:

  • In between the bedspread or under the mattress
  • Behind wall hangings
  • On walls or baseboards
  • In dark spaces under or behind furniture
  • In curtains, clothes or your baggage

Motel 6 Refund Policy

There is no explicit refund policy when it comes to a poor experience at a motel 6.

You can view more information about Motel 6 policies from the following resources:

Terms of Use

Reservation Policies

There are situations where you can get a refund if you cancel your reservation ahead of time, but there’s nothing explicit about getting your money back after your stay.

This does not mean however…

That you’re out of options.

You can take the following steps toward getting a refund:

  • Tell the motel about your problem immediately. Write up a quick written report and document the name and contact information of who you spoke to.
  • Give the motel a chance to fix the issue
  • Write a personal demand letter

Note: If you do get a refund because of a bed bug infestation during your stay at a Motel 6 it could hurt your chances at filing a lawsuit.

Motel 6 Bed Bug Complaints

There have been numerous complaints over the years from victims who have experienced bed bugs during their stay at a Motel 6.

A few examples below:

Motel 6 in Haywood. Source

I was staying in town for work on a project. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like things were crawling on me, when I put on the light around 4:30am I had a huge adult bed bug still on my chest where I half smushed it it with my hand, I put it in a make up jar and called the producers of they care by, put me up elsewhere, and had everything washed. The lady at the counter was so rude the night before, that I didn’t even want to deal with her shit and how mad I was at the moment for a problem I learned from YELP that they were well aware of. I’m still itching from these bites 3 days later….inexcusable!!!

 Motel 6 in Iowa City. Source Trip Advsior

Someone in the room next door was playing their music so loud it woke me up a 2 in the morning. I turned on the light and looked at my pillow. BEDBUGS CRAWLING ALL OVER IT. I called the manager in and pointed out all the disgusting bedbugs on the bed. He said I could stay in a different room. I said no thanks I want a refund. He said no refunds for any reason, even after having just seen the bedbugs. I had to leave at 2 am and find another motel without getting my money back. In short, The Super 7 in Iowa City/Coralville should be shut down. It’s disgusting. I now have a bed bug infestation in my home because of this place. It will cost me at least 500.00 to get rid of them.
Do NOT stay at this nightmare motel. EVER

Note: We cannot confirm the claims that are made within the above complaints.

Where did Bed Bugs come from?

A few decades ago…

Bed bugs were somewhat of a novelty in developed countries, however since the early 2000s, infestations have become more prevalent.

Especially in motel rooms around the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe.

According to the CDC, bed bugs have evolved to resist common insecticides making infestations extremely difficult to get rid of.

These creatures don’t have wings and cannot fly.

Their narrow bodies allow them to live for months without food which makes them expert hitchhikers.

They tend to squat in bags or luggage and may take shelter in box springs or furniture.

The common bed bug can crawl more than 100 feet at night.

But typically…

They stay close to within 8 feet of the spot their human host is asleep.

Motel 6 Bed Bug Lawyer

The easiest way to decide whether you have a case is to contact our bed bug specialists to get connected with a licensed and professional lawyer.

When you consult with experienced bed bug lawyers who are personally chosen to handle your claim, they’ll assess whether you have a valid case to receiving the compensation you may deserve.

To MAXIMIZE your chances of receiving compensation:

It’s important that you make sure you build proof that the infestation occurred.

This proof can be any or all of the following:

  • Photos or videos of the infestation
  • Photos or videos of the bites
  • Documentation of a formal complaint submitted to hotel management
  • Hospital records for injuries sustained
  • Captured bed bug to use as evidence

We’ll make sure you have the right attorneys review the evidence gathered to determine whether you have a viable case.

Get in touch and discuss your case with one of our bed bug specialists today!

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