Hilton Bed Bugs

Hilton Hotels is one of the largest brands in the world…

Targeting business and leisure travelers.

With properties in 100s of major cities, convention centers, and famous vacation destinations globally – Hilton is considered a staple of the hospitality industry.

Though even a brand as recognizable as the Hilton can be subject to problems.

Hilton hotels are not immune to bed bugs, and with a growing number of reported cases worldwide…

It’s important to take notice.

Bed Bugs Hilton

The parent company, Hilton Hotels & Resorts:

Doesn’t only consist of the Hilton brand, but can also include any of the following hotels

(Important to understand when considering a lawsuit).

  • DoubleTree
  • Embassy Suites
  • Hilton Garden Inn.
  • Hampton Inn
  • Waldorf Astoria
  • And More

This company has locations in close to 80 countries.

With around 550 hotel properties worldwide.

Hilton is known for their higher end hotel experience, but this doesn’t make a difference when it comes to it being prone to a bed bug infestation.

If any location doesn’t practice heavily regulated and strict safety practices to target and destroy bed bugs properly…

These insects can quickly spread to more unsuspecting hotel guests

Hilton Bed Bug Policy

Though Hilton does not have a specific policy on bed bugs, they do have policies surrounding the health and safety of their customers.

According to the Hilton Worldwide code of conduct:

(Page 7)

Hilton is committed to the health and safety of our guests, Team Members and business colleagues. Safety requires a commitment from everyone. Hilton does not tolerate violent conduct or threats of violence among our Team Members. Hilton is committed to compliance with environmental, occupational and health laws. Each Team Member is responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable safety and health laws and guidelines. We are also each responsible for identifying and responding to health and safety hazards and security concerns. If you see a safety hazard, report it immediately.

Hilton claims they are responsible for “health and safety” concerns, and bed bugs absolutely falls under this category.

If you do suspect bed bugs during your stay at a Hilton hotel, you should report the infestation to management immediately.

In general…

Hotels should have measures in place to properly prevent, detect, and take action on a suspected infestation.

The Virginia Health Department came out with a bed bug action plan for hotels that outlines how to approach bed bugs.

It involves the following:

Prevention & Detection:

  • All hotel employees should receive bed bug training and education.
  • Housekeeping personnel should be on the lookout for signs of bed bugs.


  • Take the infested room out of service.
  • Hire a professional pest control company to inspect the hotel room.
  • If the infestation is confirmed, all adjacent rooms should be inspected and treated as well.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, resilient  insects.

(typically brown with a rounder shape).

That tend to hide in dark spaces and only come out when it’s time to feed.

These bugs are nocturnal, and can typically be found in the following areas:

  • Mattress & bedding
  • Behind wall hangings
  • Along baseboards and walls
  • Under furniture

It is best practice that before any stay at a hotel, you do a quick scan for bed bugs.

(especially before you go to sleep).

If you do suspect bed bugs…

Be sure to identify them over similar looking insects.

What Symptoms do Bed Bugs Cause?

Bed Bug bites typically look like mosquito bites

Although they’re usually in higher numbers and can be inflamed if there is an allergic reaction.

Most humans react in similar ways to these bites.

People typically experience:

  • mild to severe itching
  • irritation of the skin
  • A slight burning sensation
  • Red welts in a linear or zig zag pattern
  • bumps that are in clusters

There are situations where bed bugs can be dangerous.

Some people….

(especially those with preexisting conditions)

Have more severe reactions and act more intensely to a bite up to the point of fainting or even trouble breathing.

Bed bugs can also transmit diseases such as Chagas disease.

This disease is potentially life threatening and has infected close to 7 million people worldwide.

(according to the World Health Organization).

Although this disease is found mainly in Latin American countries there are cases of it being transmitted in the U.S.

This disease presents itself in two phases

Phase 1 (Acute Phase):

This lasts for about 2 months after infection.

At this point symptoms are often mild and not very specific. You’ll have some skin lesions or purple swelling of the eyelids.

Phase 2 (Chronic Phase):

During this phase, the parasites are hidden mainly in the heart and digestive muscles.

This can lead to cardiac disorders or digestive problems.

In the later years this infection can lead to immediate death and heart failure from gradual deconstruction of the heart and nervous systems.

Hilton Bed Bug Compensation

If you or a loved one fell victim to a bed bug infestation, It’s extremely important to document the situation well.

You will need to provide evidence of your injuries and prove negligence in order to potentially receive compensation.

The lawyer will want the following material to put together your bed bug case.

  • Take pictures of your bites (make sure to get all injuries documented).
  • Look around the room and locate the origin of the infestation (the nest).
  • Keep receipts of medical bills, hotel receipts etc..
  • Make sure to submit a formal complaint immediately, ideally to a high-ranking Hilton hotel manager (get their name and contact information during the process).

If management is not responding you do have some options:

  1. Contact your local health department
  2. Write a bed bug demand letter
  3. Get connected with a local attorney

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