Lawyer for Bed Bugs in a Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn Hotel Bed Bugs

If you recently stayed at a Red Roof Inn that you believe was infested with bed bugs, you may be entitled to compensation if you or a loved one sustained injuries due to bed bug bites.

Like other hotels, Red Roof Inns are required to maintain a safe environment for guests that is free of bed bugs and other pests. Negligent owners or management staff could allow an infestation to develop, causing harm to guests in the process.

If you are bitten by bed bugs in a Red Roof Inn or another hotel, you can work with a bed bug lawyer to help you seek compensation for monetary and non-monetary damages.

Here are some things you should know about Red Roof Inn bed bug infestations.

How Red Roof Inn Bed Bug Infestations Start

When staying at a Red Roof Inn or any other type of hotel, guests expect a certain standard of safety and quality that excludes any possibility of bed bugs.


As a result, hotel owners and staff must ensure that the facility is devoid of bed bug infestations by regularly cleaning and checking for potential infestations with the help of pest control experts.

If a hotel fails to prevent the spread of bed bugs, owners can be held liable, and any guests who suffer as a result of the infestation may be able to recover total compensation for their pain and suffering.

Guests may also carry bed bugs home with them in infested belongings such as clothing and other luggage, resulting in an infestation at home.

Failure to mitigate bed bug infestations can also result in future issues for hotel guests, which is why bed bug lawyers are devoted to helping individuals who have sustained bed bug bites in Red Roof Inns and other hotel chains.

How to Identify Bed Bugs in a Red Roof Inn

If you are staying in a Red Roof Inn or another hotel and believe that it’s infested with bed bugs, it’s important to gather as much evidence as you can if you want to build a case.

While it’s important to check your hotel room upon checking in for bed bugs, this isn’t something that most guests will do as they expect hotel staff to maintain each room.

You can start by photographing any bites that you sustain, which often look like small red bumps or welts that appear in a line or cluster.

You can then look for other evidence of bed bugs including bed bugs themselves, which are red-brown and look similar to apple seeds as adults, or small white eggs or sheddings.

Bed bugs often appear in dark places and crevices, so it’s important to look in places where bed bugs like to hide such as in bedding, mattress seams, in baseboards, behind headboards, in couches and other nearby furniture, and even behind picture frames. Take pictures of what you find.

Once you’ve determined or even if you simply suspect that a bed bug infestation is present, notify hotel management immediately.

If you spot bed bugs when checking in and haven’t been bitten yet, staff should be able to relocate you to another room in the hotel away from the infestation, but in some cases, you may need to check in at another hotel.

If staff is found to be negligent and doesn’t take steps to eliminate and prevent future infestations, victims of bites may be eligible to recover damages.

Seeking Compensation for Bed Bugs in Red Roof Inn Hotels

If you stay at a Red Roof Inn or another hotel and find that an infestation is present, you may be entitled to several types of compensation, including financial loss and more. The types of compensation you can seek include:

  • Lost wages resulting from missed work to deal with an infestation or to heal from the bites.
  • Property damage such as discarding infested furniture to prevent an infestation’s spread after bringing it home from a Red Roof Inn.
  • Emotional distress and fear of future bed bug infestations and bites
  • Pain and suffering resulting from bites, which can include medical expenses for treating these bites.

Experienced bed bug lawyers can provide representation for victims of bed bugs in Red Roof Inns and other hotels, determining which types of compensation to fight for and how to file a successful case.

Finding a Reputable Attorney for Red Roof Inn Bed Bug Cases

If you’ve sustained bed bug injuries as a result of hotel negligence and would like to recover compensation from a Red Roof Inn or another hotel, you can trust the bed bug experts to give you the representation you need.

Our team of knowledgeable and trusted attorneys have worked with victims all over the country to help them recover compensation with bed bug infestation lawsuits, and we’re ready to help you.

To learn more about how we can assist you with your Red Roof Inn bed bug case or another bed bug lawsuit, contact us today.

You’ll see why we’re some of the best bed bug attorneys to work with if you want to recover compensation and prevent future infestations for other hotel guests.

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