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Hyatt Hotels Corporation is a multinational hospitality business that manages high-end luxurious hotels, resorts, and other vacation venues.

This company has 777 properties in 54 countries and is ranked by Fortune magazine as number 186 on the 2018 list of “America’s best Employers.” In the mid 20th century, Hyatt was once of the fastest growing hotel chains in the United States, but even successful fast growing companies could have its problems.

Sue Hyatt Hotels for Bed Bug Bite Injury Compensation

All hotels can be exposed to bed bugs, no matter how clean and luxurious, and the Hyatt Corporation is no exception, as it has had its fair share of lawsuits and bed bug related incidents.

There are many reported issues that came out in relation to bed bugs in Hyatt hotels, one case led a doctoral student to become homeless after his life was turned upside down by a hotel bed bug infestation.

If you were unfortunate enough to have become victim to bed bugs in a hotel, it’s important to know your rights as a hotel guest along with what to do.

What to do when bitten by bed bugs at the Hyatt

Here are the following steps you should take when bitten by bed bugs:

  • Gather Evidence: It’s important to take video and photographic evidence of the bed bug attack. The easiest way to build up your case is to show the infestations at its origins, ideally the nest. Take numerous photos of the infestation while making it clear you’re in the hotel room, along with bites located in all parts of your body.

  • Write a formal complaint: Find a high-ranking hotel employee and immediately inform them of the situation. Make sure to get their contact information (full name and phone number) and document the complaint.
  • Seek Medical Attention: Don’t wait and gradually suffer from your injuries. Find the nearest medical facility and get your bites treated by a doctor. Make sure to save all receipts and documentation related to your treatment.

  • Inquire with our hotel bed bug specialists in order to find you the right lawyer to service your needs. It’s important to have a licensed and experienced lawyer that can help you through the process and discuss whether or not you have a case.

Are Hyatt Hotel Owners/Operators Responsible?

Hotel owners have a written duty to make sure that they maintain healthy and clean facilities for their guests. If you are staying at a hotel in a different city/state you could simply assume you cannot sue because you’re not living in the location where the hotel property is situated.

THIS IS NOT THE CASE – as hotels have liability to safeguard guests against infestations no matter the location of the hotel or where you currently have permanent residence.

“Hotels have a responsibility to keep you safe under common law” writes the USA Today. Contributor and reporter Christopher Michael mentions “it is reasonable to expect hotel staff to clean, fumigate, disinfect, and exterminate any know infestation of bed bugs.”

Where hotel owners fail to protect you, potential lawsuits can be filed as a result.

How do I know if I was Bitten by Bed Bugs?

Bed bug bites are typically identified in the following ways:

  • They typically have a random zig-zag pattern on any part of your body
  • They will look like red welts, usually bigger than mosquito bites
  • You will experience a painful irritation, sometimes can be described as a burning sensation
  • These bumps can sometimes be surrounded by blisters and hives
  • The bumps will often have a dark center with a lighter swollen surrounding area

Depending on the situation and your body, you can experience much worse symptoms than the above.

Damages you Can Recover from a Hotel Bed Bug Infestation

You don’t necessarily have to suffer all the losses incurred because of negligence on the part of hotel operators and management. These growing problems are extremely common, and are becoming increasingly popular as people begin to travel more and more (bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers).

Monetary or non-monetary damages are recoverable in many situations, especially if your hotel bed bug case includes pain and suffering. These damages can include suffering due to embarrassment, psychological stress, disturbed sleep, or fear of staying in another hotel.

To inquire about a lawyer and learn if you have a case, get in touch with our experienced bed bug specialists today!

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