Lawyers for Bed Bugs in Hotels

Hotels continue to be one of the most common places bed bugs are found.

Due to the revolving door of foot traffic, bed bugs naturally make their way to hotel rooms across the country.

In fact…

Over 25% of reported bed bug cases are found in hotels.

With the increase in travel since the early 2000s :

Bed bugs have made a comeback, and not a single hotel is immune.

That being said, hotel owners have a duty to maintain a safe and healthy environment for their guests.

And exposing guests to bed bugs is usually in breach of that.

Therefore under certain circumstances

You may be entitled to financial compensation for the losses you experienced due to bed bugs at a hotel.

Hotel Bed Bug Lawsuit

You could potentially sue for damages that have resulted from an infestation at a hotel or other facility.

Hotel customers are protected under the Premises Liability:

Which requires that hotels have an obligation to provide safe environments for their guests.

Amongst many other steps the hotels should be taking when it comes to bed bugs.

Keeping the hotel safe should include the following actions:

  • Training hotel staff on bed bug identification and prevention.
  • Periodic hotel room inspections.
  • Concrete action plans for the removal of bed bugs once spotted.

If you suffered from bed bug bites at a hotel, and believe the hotel did not take the proper measures to identify, prevent, and remove bed bugs…

You may have a case for a hotel bed bug lawsuit.

Hotels With Bed Bugs

Unfortunately it’s impossible to guarantee that a given hotel is 100% free of bed bugs.

That’s why before you spend the night, it’s CRITICAL that you inspect the room for these pests.

You can always view hotel reviews on Tripadvisor, or complaint forums like the bed bug registry to learn whether a hotel has a history of bed bugs.

The bed bug registry is a website that collects complaints of bed bugs from hotel guests.

If you were apart of a hotel that has had a bed bug sighting, there is no reason to panic.

Instead take a look at the last reported date of a bed bug infestation because the hotel may have cleared the problem.

Bed bugs have been around for centuries

So they are NOT going away anytime soon.

For that reason there is no way to eliminate the risk entirely. Instead you should take precautions whenever sleeping at a temporary residence like a hotel.

These include:

  • NEVER leaving your luggage by the bed.
  • Checking the bedding and folds of the mattress for signs of bed bugs.
  • Maintaining a clutter free environment within the room during the course of your stay.

The below video further breaks down ways to avoid bed bugs during travel.

Signs of Bed Bugs in Hotels

When you’re inspecting the room for bed bugs you need to understand how to identify them accurately.

Fully grown adult bed bugs can be as big as 1/4 inch.

After a meal:

Bed bugs become engorged, and change their appearance slightly.

They will have a more reddish color and can be as big as 3/4 inch.

Nymphs on the other hand…

(baby bed bugs)

Are about a 1/10 of an inch big and are very hard to see with the human eye.

Click here for more information on what bed bugs look like.

Bed bugs are often mistaken for similar insects.

Here are a few easy ways to determine whether or not a given insect is a bed bug.

It is NOT a bed bug if…

You see the insect jump:

Fleas can jump long distances and generally hang out near animal beds or where animals usually sleep.

You see the insect fly:

Mosquitoes can fly and their bites look very similar to bed bugs. A good way to tell the difference between the bites, is bed bugs bite in clusters. Whereas mosquito bites are more individual. 

You see the insect during the day:

Bed bugs typically hide during the day, whereas similar insects like spider beetles can be found in broad daylight. 

Bed bugs are sneaky pests as they’re experts at hiding.

Common places for bed bugs to hide in your hotel room include:

  • Mattress or under the box spring
  • Cracks within the headboard
  • Walls or baseboards
  • In furniture, drawers, or creases

Make sure to also keep an eye out for bed bug droppings that could be left behind.

These would appear as smaller brown little spots.

(Possibly with a little blood mixed in)

Check the sheets and mattress for any blood stains as well.

How to Treat Your Bed Bug Bites

These creatures typically bite people at night, and leave small red welts, usually in a zigzag pattern, or in a random cluster.

These will eventually become inflamed and irritated, which could turn into a rash.


It even takes time for these bites to show as some will NOT show any symptoms at all.

If you do get bitten:

Make sure to sooth the irritation in the same manner at which you would treat a mosquito or a flea bite.

You can use the following methods to treat your bed bug symptoms:

  • Anti-Itch Creams (Benadryl, Cortisone, etc..)
  • Antihistamines
  • Apply Ice or a Frozen Bag for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Seek professional medical treatment for serious bites

Can You Report a Hotel for Having Bed Bugs?

The short answer is Yes.

There are certain forums and online review websites where you can expose the hotel that gave you bed bugs.

If the infestation seems to be severe, you can also contact your local health department.

If you do experience bed bug bites at a hotel…

You should follow the these steps:

1. Take pictures of the bites and any live bed bugs you see around.

2. Report the infestation to hotel management. Document the conversation and the name/number of the staff member you spoke to.

3. Treat your bites. If you’re experiencing severe symptoms consider going to a hospital.

4. Get in touch with a lawyer to discuss your case. You can submit your information here or call us at (855) 733 9217.

If you have reasonable suspicion that the hotel is infested with bed bugs you should really consider leaving the premises as soon as possible.

Bed bugs tend to travel to other rooms and can go through cracks in the ceiling, floors, and along walls.

Therefore switching to another room is NOT always a safe bet so let the hotel manager know about leaving the hotel entirely.

Even if you don’t initially see signs of bed bugs in your hotel, it’s important not to take any risks.

The worst thing you can do is let these creatures hitch a ride home with you.

Don’t ever put your clothes on the floor or carpet.

(or any upholstered chairs for that matter).

Why is that?

If bed bugs crawl into your suitcase and travel home with you…

You’re looking at a much bigger problem on your hands.

That could include:

  • Infesting your family or loved ones
  • Damaging your furniture
  • Enduring $1,000s of dollars in pest control expenses

Even one bed bug that gets into your suitcase can mean a severe infestation in your home in a matter of months.

Can You Sue a Hotel for Bed Bug Bites?

Under the right circumstances…Yes.

Hotel owners have a duty to their hotel guests under common law.

This requires property owners to provide a place of residence that’s free from all known, and knowable dangers.

A serious bed bug infestation can be considered a danger to health and safety.

Several state and local sanitary laws have been put in place over the last 20 years to protect the rights of guests from bed bug infestations.

It’s important to know that the burden of proof is on you. You will need to show that the hotel showed negligence.

A premises liability claim can be submitted if the hotel operator is aware of the infestation and did not do enough to stop it.

If the owner also caused the infestation they could be liable for damages cause to all victims involved.

Hotel customers can sue a hotel for bed bug bites if the actions of hotel management fit any of the actions mentioned above.

There are certain cases where victims received over $100,000 in a hotel bed bug settlement.

Click here for more information on the average value of a bed bug lawsuit.

Hotel Bed Bug Compensation

The compensation you could receive from hotels depends on the amount of damages you experienced.

Some examples include:

Don’t let the hotel get away with covering up the situation.

There are situations where your case can be worth $100,000 especially if you incurred long term damages that resulted in chronic injury.

Hotel Bed Bug Lawsuit Cases

Let’s say this situation happened to you.

You had the upholstery in your vehicle switched out, the carpeting in your home ripped up, the furniture thrown out, having to replace your clothing,

A situation like that could extend past $50,000 in compensation.

You can also take into account the cost of your hotel, flight, and ruined vacation which could be another $7,500 on top of this initial sum.

Make sure you get connected with a bed bug attorney to discuss your claim accordingly.

As a Bed Bug Victim: What are My Rights?

Here are some of your rights as a paying hotel customer:

Right to sanitary living environment.

Staff is responsible for supporting your safety while you reside on hotel property.

Right to take legal action if you’re injured from a bed bug infestation.

Right to not be intentionally harmed or placed in a situation where you could be harmed.

Lawyers for Bed Bugs in Hotels

It is within your rights and you do have the option to fully handle the case yourself, but it does not come recommended.

It can be difficult to navigate between bed bug regulation and laws, as well as contacting the appropriate parties and insurance agents.

Our connections with expert, licensed, and responsible attorneys will handle the claim for you and fight to win your case.

Hotel Bed Bug Lawyer

Bed bug infestations may be the result of negligence, which is why bed bug bite attorneys are available to provide representation and help you seek justice.

Consult with an attorney to determine if you have a case today.

A licensed personal injury lawyer will be  in touch to discuss next steps.

No question is too difficult to answer and no situation is too sensitive to discuss.

You can give us a call at (855) 733 9217 for your quick and easy consultation.

(Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week).

If you choose to inquire about a claim, consultations are 100% FREE.

We understand the sensitivity of the situation, and the potential embarrassment that falling victim to an infestation can cause.

Working with an experienced bed bug bite attorney, you can not only receive compensation for your injuries, but you can also help prevent future infestations by discouraging future negligent practices.

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