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You’ve probably heard of IKEA – a home furnishings company that sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and other home fixtures. IKEA’s first store opened in Almhult, Sweden in 1943. Now, it has expanded to over 433 stores worldwide. 

With a business this big, consumers immediately assume that any product offered by the company is guaranteed safe, tough, and durable. However, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, even a big company like IKEA can fall victim to bed bug infestations.


A graduate student from the University of Alberta went to an IKEA store near her to look at some furniture and found a bed bug on the pillow of one of the displays. Although the problem was immediately addressed, the fact that such an incident happened, can be quite alarming.

For stores like IKEA, management should always maintain a pest-free environment. This includes keeping bed bugs at bay.

But how does a bed bug infestation happen in the first place?

In the past twenty years, bed bugs in major cities were almost unheard of. But lately, there has been a puzzling explosion in the bed bug population.

Although it has proven difficult to truly determine where bed bugs come from, it is not that hard to spot an infestation.

For furniture stores like IKEA, infestations are often attributed to stock that has been returned. Since IKEA resells all returned furniture, one piece of furniture can affect multiple homes (due to reselling returned items).


Furniture store owners who fail to keep their shops pest-free may be held liable for any damage that results from a bed bug infestation.


Bed bugs are small parasites that feed by consuming human blood. They usually attack at night while the victim is fast asleep, biting any exposed area of skin such as the face, neck, or hands. Bed bug bites start out as painless welts, that can immediately turn into itchy blisters, which in rare cases can lead to serious health issues

Although bed bug bites are usually confused with flea bites and other common bugs, it is easy to distinguish between the two.

Bed bug bites may occur anywhere, as long as it is exposed skin. On the other hand, flea bites usually appear on the legs or feet.

Fleas are usually transported by pets, who tend to pick them up as they travel across yards or from other infected pets.

Meanwhile, bed bugs can appear anywhere – houses, community centers, as well as public transportation.


Some bites can be dangerous to your health, but for the most part they can be itchy, with red patches that develop into blisters.

However, a bed bug bite does not pose any immediate danger, unlike mosquito and flea bites which are known to transmit disease.

The worst thing that can come off a bed bug bite is an infection, especially if the bite is left untreated.

Victims can also suffer from an allergic reaction, if the person bitten suffers from a bed bug allergy.


Bed bugs tend to strike immediately. So, it won’t take long for customers to notice an infested mattress or bed frame. 

You should also know whether one bed bug is a sign of a full on infestation. 

If you suspect an infestation, here are some signs that you should look for:

  • Blood stains on bed sheets and covers. Look at your bedsheets, covers, and blankets. Bed bugs often leave a trail of blood once they finish feeding off their victims. These trails are easy to find.
  • Shed bed bug skin, or bed bug eggshells. Although bed bugs are smart enough to hide from human eyes, they aren’t that smart to clean after themselves. Occasionally, you’ll see some shed exoskeleton or eggshells in places where these bugs tend to congregate.
  • Fecal spots on mattress and beddings. If you suspect an infestation, remove your beddings and examine the edges and piping of your mattress. Bed bugs tend to leave fecal spots on these areas. Fecal spots are usually dark, and may resemble blood stains.

If the infestation has lasted long enough, you’ll also start to notice a strong, musty smell lingering in the room, which is secreted by the bed bugs’ odor glands.

Are you unsure of how to start your search for bed bugs? Here are three ways to locate bed bugs.


Yes, it is possible to file a lawsuit against bed bug bites.

Once you are certain that the furniture you bought from IKEA is crawling with bed bugs, you can seek compensation for several types of damages, including:

  • Property damages. This covers any damage that may occur to furniture, clothing, and other property due to the infestation.
  • Lost income and future wages. This covers the times you have to miss work because you have to deal with the presence of bed bugs.
  • Pain and suffering. This includes any expense used to cover treatment for injury sustained during the ordeal e.g. bed bug bites, including medication.
  • Emotional distress. This includes PTSD that may arise due to having to deal with these parasites.

For you to recover fair compensation, you have to hire a personal injury lawyer who has experience in dealing with these pests.


Once you have decided to push through with a case, here are some things that you should do. Once you gather the appropriate information you can also explore writing a bed bug demand letter to get your point across to the necessary party. 

  • Gather evidence of the infestation. The first thing you should do is to take photos of the piece of furniture you suspect to be riddled with bed bugs, as well as signs that point to an infestation.

Keep receipts that prove you purchased that piece of furniture at IKEA. Lastly, don’t forget to take photos of your bites and other injuries caused by the bed bugs.

  • Get medical attention. After gathering all evidence, get your bites treated as soon as possible. This is to prevent any complication that may arise from an infection.
  • Notify store management. Head to the store and inform management about your discovery. Document everything they say on record as much as possible. Write down any pertinent information such as names and contact numbers.

Remember, if they try to offer you a bribe in the form of a gift certificate or other incentives, do not accept it. Accepting gifts from the store may weaken your case against them.

Get help from a reputable attorney. Finally, to help your case proceed accordingly, hire an experienced personal injury lawyer, preferably one who has had experience in dealing with cases related to bed bug bites.


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