Sue a Used Furniture Store for Bed Bugs

Remember older times when you were able to visit a couple of neighborhood garage sales on a Sunday morning and score some items for cheap? 

Those bargains are still out there, but it’s hard to know what you may bring home hidden inside your used night stand.

Bed Bugs are a growing epidemic, and you need to be careful about bringing a bed bug infestation into your new home.

Today’s bed bugs are immune to older insecticides, and are resistant to the eradication methods most exterminators rely on. What’s a garage sale shopper or bargain customer to do?

The first step is to use common sense and make sure you don’t look for furniture in sketchier looking stores. If at the end of the day it’s too late, and you were exposed to bed bugs from the used furniture you purchased, you may be entitled to compensation.

Let Us Find You a Bed Bug Lawyer

In additional to the physical injuries you may experience from being exposed to bed bugs, you may have to throw out all of your furniture that you just purchased.

The entire ordeal can be extremely traumatizing and really bad for your wallet.

Though furniture stores did not intentionally put bed bugs there, they clearly didn’t do their due diligence before placing the piece into their store.

Therefore, they did not adequately clean and sanitize the furniture, accordingly, thus making them liable for injuries.

Used furniture stores can cause the biggest problems for cleaning donated goods, especially cheap furniture companies are looking for high inventory turnover and quick profit.

Our bed bug specialists will discuss your case and connect you with an experienced and licensed attorney that fits your needs.

We service nationwide, as our attorneys provide national representation handling cases in cities including Houston, Phoenix, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Jose, Fort Worth, San Antonio, San Francisco, Austin, San Diego, Jacksonville, Seattle, Denver, and El Paso.

Facts about Bed Bugs

These creatures are insects that feed on human blood. They are nocturnal and tend to feed and remain active at night, while hiding in dark hard to find places during the day. Their bites can result in a number of different health problems including:

  • Irritating welts and bumps on your skin
  • Rashes that last for days
  • Psychological effects including disturbed sleep and anxiety
  • Allergic reactions in severe cases

Bed bug bites can range from invisible to very prominent and raised blisters. Symptoms can occur in minutes, or sometimes may not be visible for days after the incident. Irritation is the most common symptom which can sometimes lead to fatigue or fever.

Luckily, in most cases bed bugs do not transmit any infectious diseases that could result in long term harm.

Where do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed Bugs that bite are primarily from two species of the insect Cimex Lectularius and Cimex Hemipterus. They typically range in size from about 1 mm – 7 mm. These creatures do not jump or fly like fleas, but instead they crawl between nearby locations or are carried within a human’s personal belongings.

Bed Bugs are expert hitchhikers and can travel from space to space with the ability to live without food for weeks.

Infestations are rarely due to a lack of hygiene (They can occur in even the nicest of used furniture stores) but rather more of a symptom of density. Bed bugs tend to be more prevalent in areas where there is high foot traffic.

Diagnosis involves finding the source of the bed bugs (the nest) and the symptoms that you’re experiencing.

Bed bugs occur in regions all around the world, and infestation rates have increased tremendously since the 1990s.

The exact cause of the increase is not completely clear, but people speculate that it’s due to the following reasons:

  • Greater Travel
  • More Frequent exchange of second hand furnishings (used furniture stores)
  • Greater focus on pest control
  • Increasing of resistance to common pesticides

In the end bed bugs have been know human parasites for centuries, and the problem is only getting worse.

Bed Bugs in Used Furniture Stores and Furniture Rental Stores

Buying used items is always a great way to save money, as the material can sometimes feel like it’s new at a heft discount.

In some cases however, if the furniture has been used for a greater period of time, it can show.


It is important that the used furniture store or furniture merchant take the necessary precautions of cleaning these items before reselling.

There are plenty of furniture stores that sell or rent used furniture. Our bed bug specialists and team of lawyers have gotten bed bugs cases from stores such as:

  • Rent a Center
  • Buddy’s Home Furnishings
  • Conn’s Home Plus
  • FlexShopper
  • National Rent 2 Own
  • And Rent One

Some of these stores are lesser known, but their larger competitors are all guilty of accidentally selling furniture with bed bugs and injuring their customers.

Any furniture store that rents our infested furniture is liable under the law because they are selling a defective product in a stream of commerce.

How do I File a Used Furniture Store Bed Bug Lawsuit?

If you try and sue yourself, you’ll most likely not get anywhere. Responsible parties don’t want to pay victims’ compensation and they also don’t want this to affect their reputation. Therefore, furniture stores will do whatever they can to cover up the situation.

You should be able to collect various forms of compensation from a lawsuit if you win.

These forms of compensation include costs of replacing furniture, fumigating your place of residence, covering medical expenses, and emotional damages stemming from the incident.

How We Can Help

Our bed bug specialists connect you with attorneys that are experienced and licensed in your area and field. We make ourselves available to discuss your case and find you the necessary help you need.

We invite you to ask us questions at any time to help make this unfortunate and traumatizing process a little bit easier so that you can focus on what’s most important: Recovery.

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