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New York City is the most populous city in the United States.

With an estimated population of 8.5 million people in 2018.

And at around 300 square miles…

It’s the most densely populated major city in America.

(28,000 inhabitants per square mile).

This city is often described as the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world with significant influence.

All of the tourism and foot traffic that exists within the borders of New York City, have lifted it to become one of the world’s top locations.

Though this city is not without its problems…

As the city continues to see an increase in the number of reported bed bug infestations every year.

In fact…

NYC made the top 10 of most bed bug infested cities in America in 2020.

At just the moment you think you’re having a wonderful vacation and staying in a beautiful room looking over the skyline…

You begin to feel an intense itching sensation.

It’s easy for bed bugs to go unnoticed for long periods of time before they attack innocent and unknowing victims.

Most are reluctant to file a lawsuit against an offending party because the incident can be highly embarrassing for the individual.

Nonetheless, if you experienced bed bugs in NYC you do have options.

Thus you should take the following steps to build your case…

Allowing you the potential to receive fair compensation for your losses due to bed bugs.

After I Experience Bed Bugs, What Do I Do?

Below are a few legal causes of action that are at your disposal when you have experienced bed bug related injuries:

  • Negligence: This occurs when there is a failure to maintain the living area in proper condition (i.e. hotel owners, landlords etc..).
  • Battery – This is an act that deals with harmful bodily contact if there is an awareness of bed bugs, but a failure to eliminate the infestation, you may sue under the theory of battery for damages.
  • Violations of Consumer Protection – Failure to eliminate a bed bug infestation or concealing one may give rise to cause for action on these statutes.
  • Breach of Implied Warranty of Habitability (For Renters): A breach of this type is similar to a breach of contract. Throughout the lease period, the landlord must maintain the living areas in accordance with applicable laws, Therefore an infestation may render an area uninhabitable, resulting in a breach of contract.

Get a Trusted New York Bed Bug Lawyer

Our trusted bed bug experts are guaranteed to connect you with a licensed attorney and get you the help and advice you deserve.

Our network of lawyers provide free consultations and don’t take a fee unless you win your case.

If you or a loved one suffered monetary or non-monetary losses due to a bed bug infestation, in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, or any boroughs or surrounding areas of NYC, our licensed New York bed bug attorneys can help.

Immediately after realizing you have fallen victim to an infestation you should take the following action:

  • Seek medical attention for your injuries – Make sure to save any hospital receipts or invoices related to your visit.
  • Take photos – Make sure to take pictures of your injuries wherever they occur on your body. Also take photos of bed bugs in full view and look in common areas where bed bugs hide to find the bed bug nest, for nymphs or eggs.
  • Report The Case – Talk to your landlord or hotel management and explain the situation. Do your best to document their response and make sure you have the name and contact information for who you spoke to
  • Write a Letter – If you fail to get a response or action consider writing a bed bug demand letter.
  • Get in touch – Submit your case information for a free consultation with a licensed attorney. Or call us at 917-920-9653 today!

How Did I Get Infested With Bed Bugs?

There has been a significant rise in bed bug infestations in New York City due to rising populations, more traveling, and a lower turnaround rate in hotels.

With more people staying in rooms the staff takes less time and energy to ensure living quarters are fully clean and sterilized.

With a large number of people who visit the Big Apple, the city is extremely likely for foreign invasions from bed bugs.

Bed bugs have the ability to latch onto or hide in any number of personal belongings, furniture, purses, clothes, luggage etc..

How do Bed Bugs Harm me?

Bed bugs by nature, are nocturnal, parasitic creatures that are considered bloodsucking (feed on the blood of humans).

These insects typically feed at night when its victims are asleep, using special saliva that helps them drink blood for up to 15 minutes at a time.

Their saliva  numbs the location they bit in order to ensure blood flow continues without forming a scab and clotting.

Bed bugs can live up to 11 months without having a meal. They are resistant creatures and are hard to kill in mass numbers.

These bugs will lay up to 5 eggs per day, and can be similar to a cockroach or flea infestation.

Many sources may claim that bed bugs don’t carry diseases, but this isn’t true.

The Oxford Academic has listed close to 50 diseases that bed bugs can transmit to its victims, much like other blood-sucking bugs.

How do I know if I Was Bitten by Bed Bugs?

No matter where you’re staying you should investigate your injuries for a possible bed bug infestation.

Look in hard to reach places for brown/black stains on cloth surfaces – Also look for black mounds on hard surfaces.

If the bed sheets haven’t been washed, there’s a possibility of blood stains in many places, indicating that bed bugs were present.

Make sure to properly identify the bugs that have bitten you. Many bugs are mistaken for bed bugs, so it’s important to diagnose your bites before taking any serious action.

Ensure that you investigate any room before sleeping in it. If you’re continuing to get bitten it is important to locate the proper evidence and get in contact with legal help right away.

New York Bed Bug Case Example:

According to the NY Post a tenant in Bushwick received a settlement of $300,000 when a landlord ignored a request to eradicate an infestation. 

Luis Cotto, a 35 year old tenant sued the landlord claiming that there had been an existing bed bug problem since 2015. He alleged that his landlord repeatedly failed to address the infestation for years. 

Are Landlords and Hotels Liable for Bed Bug Infestations in NYC?

Both New York City and State have tight regulation to protect people that have experienced bed bug infestations.

For example:

The NYC Bed Bug Disclosure Act requires that landlords provide their tenants with written documentation acknowledging whether an infestation has taken place during the prior year.

Bed bugs are considered a Class B violation, which means they’re considered hazardous to tenants (giving the landlord 30 days to correct the problem).

The right to a bed bug free environment is also included in New York City’s Housing and Maintenance Code which specifically names bed bugs as one of the insects that landlords are legally obligated to remove.

To sum up, if landlords or hotel managers fail to notify their guests or residents in advance, they may be liable for the injuries or monetary losses their renters incur as a result of the infestation.

Click here for more information on the average compensation of a bed bug lawsuit.

What exactly is Recoverable Due to Bed Bug Bites in New York City?

If you or someone around you has experienced a bed bug attack, it’s extremely essential that you have a solid understanding of your rights. Depending on the situation you could be entitled financial compensation due to any of the following:

  1. Ongoing Emotional Distress
  2. Damaged Property or Belongings
  3. Physical Pain & Suffering
  4. Long Term Scarring or Cosmetic Issues
  5. Cost due to ruined vacation
  6. Costs to eliminate bed bugs in your home

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