With many hotels and over thousands of rooms nationally, Super 8 is one of the largest hotel chains. While these hotels are known for their convenient services and facilities, guests could still sustain bed bug bites in these hotels because of poor hygiene and resulting infestations.

If you believe that bed bug infestations have resulted from negligence, there are certain steps to take. You can also follow steps to avoid infestations entirely during your next stay at an Super 8 hotel location.

Why You Should Check Super 8 Hotel Rooms for Bed Bugs

Independent of the hotel chain, you should always check the room prior to unpacking and settling in for your stay. You can visually spot bed bugs in most cases, from eggs to adults. You may also be able to spot their waste in the form of black or red spots on bedding.

You can check Super 8 rooms by pulling back bedsheets and looking closely for evidence of a bed bug presence along mattress seams, underneath the mattress, behind headboards, and along the baseboards. You may also be able to see them in other furniture throughout the hotel room.

If you discover any evidence of an infestation at any point, it’s important to notify the hotel staff or management as soon as possible. If you are unable to switch to another hotel, ask about getting another room in another area of the hotel away from where you found the infestation.

When You Can File a Bed Bug Lawsuit

If you ever want to file a claim against an Super 8 hotel after sustaining bed bug bites at any of the chain’s facilities, you will need to be able to prove that the infestation and subsequent bites resulted from hotel staff or management negligence. This will involve showing that your injuries resulted from their negligence, which could include cases in which the owner is aware of an infestation but took improper steps to eliminate the infestation or even discover it.

Make sure you capture as much evidence of bed bug bites as possible, either by recording video footage or taking photographs of both your bites sustained and the hotel room where you were bitten. Also, document all medical care received, along with time off from work required for treatment and anything else regarding the infestation.

Let us Help you Find a Bed Bug Bite Lawyer to Determine if You Have a Case

While proving that you have a bed bug bite case resulting from negligence at an Super 8 hotel may not be the easiest process, having a qualified bed bug attorney can help you get the representation you need. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will help determine if you have a good case and advise if they can represent you. We’re ready to help make sure you find the lawyer that will get you compensation you deserve if you have cause to file a claim against Super 8 or any other hotel chain.

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