Super 8 Hotel Bed Bugs

With several hotels and over thousands of rooms nationally… 

Super 8 is one of the largest budget hotel chains in the country.

As a subsidiary of Wyndham Worldwide, this brand has 2,900 properties and 180,000 rooms.

(As of December 2018)

Super 8 Bed Bugs

While these hotels are known for their convenient services and facilities:

Guests could sustain bed bug bites in these hotels from instances of poorly trained staff or hotel cleanliness.

If suspect bed bugs in your Super 8 hotel room, there are certain steps you should take.

You should also take this moment to learn how to properly inspect hotel rooms in the future…

To prevent further injury from bed bugs.

Check Your Hotel Room For Bed Bugs

Independent of the hotel chain, you should always check the room prior to unpacking and settling in for your stay.

You can visually spot bed bugs in most cases…

Whether it be eggs, baby bed bugs (nymphs), or adults.

If you haven’t seen live bugs but still suspect an infestation.

You can check for common bed bugs signs.

These include:

  • black/brown stains on bedding or mattress
  • A musty/sweet smell
  • Blood stains
  • Bites on your body
  • Any dead insects or molted/shed skins

You should check Super 8 rooms by pulling back bedsheets and looking closely for this evidence.

Click here for the complete list of bed bug signs in a hotel room.

You should check the following areas of the room:

  • Along mattress seams
  • Underneath the mattress
  • Behind headboards
  • Along the baseboards

If you discover evidence of an infestation…

It’s CRITICAL that you notify hotel staff or management as soon as possible.

If you are unable to switch to another hotel, ask about getting another room in a different area of the hotel far away from where you found the infestation.

Super 8 Complaints

Example 1Super 8 Newburgh (Via Hudson Valley News)

A woman who stayed at the Newburgh motel claims that she was “eaten alive” by bed bugs.

Scherie Franklin, who was visiting from North Carolina claims that her and her son were covered in bites.  

They then were switched to another room but got bit up all over again, ended up having to sleep in her car in a parking lot. The infestation was confirmed by a pest control professional, who claims they’re “looking into” the problem.

Example 2Super 8 Remington (Complaint via TripAdvisor)

“My son and I stayed for 6 days and by day 5, I had bed bug bites all over my arms and behind my knees. I showed them to the front desk, and they tried to tell me it was mosquitos (end of March, with snow and rain in Indiana!!).

I told them it was not. I sent pictures and my doctor’s note after returning to Wyndham and NOTHING has been done. Not from Wyndham, not from the hotel. I had to treat my luggage, get medicine for the bites, and treat all my clothes. I would stay away, especially since if you have problems, no one will do anything”

Example 3: Super 8 Chester (Complaint via NBC News)

A Super 8 customer, Marcia Bradby, claims that bed bugs bit her as she slept at a Super 8 in Chester, VA. Bradby ended up getting reimbursed after raising a bed bug dispute. The reimbursement covered the clothes she lost along with medical expenses.

The GM of the Super 8 said that he didn’t believe Bradby’s complaint though the hotel still settled anyway. Stating that the legal expenses weren’t worth fighting.

Bed Bug Lawsuit

If you ever want to file a claim against a Super 8 hotel after sustaining bed bug bites…

You will need to be able to prove that the infestation and subsequent bites resulted from hotel staff or management negligence.

This will involve proving that hotel management was aware of an infestation, but took improper steps to inspect the premises or eliminate the bed bugs.

To build your case…

You should capture evidence of bed bugs along with your injuries.

Either by recording video footage or taking pictures of both your bites sustained and the hotel room where you were bitten.

Also, document ALL medical care received, along with any lost wages or expenses that occurred as a result of bed bugs.

Connect with a Lawyer

While proving that you have a bed bug bite case resulting from negligence at a Super 8 hotel may not be the easiest process…

Having a qualified bed bug attorney can help you through it.

Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will help determine if you have a good case and advise if they can represent you.

We will do our best to get the lawyer that will win you the compensation you deserve.

Get in touch today for a FREE Consultation. There are NO fees unless you win your case.

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