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By taking these necessary steps, you’re greatly increasing your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries. With that in mind, here’s what you can do after sustaining bed bug injuries as the result of hotel management negligence.

Seek immediate medical attention

Before you even start the lawsuit process, you’ll need to get the proper medical attention. If you have been bitten by bed bugs, seek medical attention to avoid viral and bacterial infections.

Get in touch with the health department

Ask your local county sanitation and health department to inspect the site and give you a copy of their report, which you can add to your evidence package.

Evidence is of the utmost importance for winning your lawsuit, so make sure that you accumulate as much evidence as you possibly can. Pictures of bed bugs on the carpeting, furniture, and mattress are great pieces of evidence.

File an injury report with the hotel management

Obtain all valuable pieces of information such as:

  • email addresses of the hotel staff
  • direct phone number of the hotel
  • name of the hotel manager
  • the last time your room was cleaned and inspected
  • the name of the company that cleaned your room

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