Bed Bugs in Airbnb

Airbnb is often considered the “Uber” of hotels.

It disrupted the hospitality industry through its innovative business model and growth.

This business is considered a broker as they don’t own any of the real estate listings but instead get a commission when booking.

Therefore Airbnb will use this as a defense when it comes to problems such as bed bug infestations at the units listed on their website.

With the country facing a bed bug epidemic….

More and more people are experiencing bed bug infestations at their Airbnbs.

Airbnb Bed Bugs

Similar to hotels and other temporary residences….

Airbnbs are not immune to bed bugs.

In fact, due to the revolving door of foot traffic, it’s not uncommon for an Airbnb guest to experience unwanted pests like bed bugs.


If you were bitten by bed bugs as a guest of Airbnb, you do have legal options.

Airbnb Insect Refund

If you suspect bed bugs in your Airbnb. You will need to follow these steps:

  1. Contact Your Airbnb Host:

First and foremost, you should get in touch with the property owner via the Airbnb app. Try and contact them via chat or email so the conversation is documented.

  1. Request a Refund:

If you have not been seriously injured or incurred significant expenses due to this infestation, you can request a refund immediately. Sometimes the owner will grant you a full refund or will only refund you for the remaining days of the reservation.

  1. Contact Airbnb Customer Service:

Even if you were granted your refund, you should still report the infestation to Airbnb.

To submit a proper claim…

Airbnb will ask for photographic proof.

This includes any of the following:

  • Pictures of your bites.
  • Images of live bed bugs.
  • Blood stains or droppings on the mattress.
  • Any other evidence of bed bugs.

Aside from the refund, Airbnb should also find you other accommodation.

Here is an informative video about what you can do if you Airbnb rental has bed bugs.

Can I sue an Airbnb for Bed Bugs?

The homeowners who rent out properties have an obligation to provide safe and clean environments for their guests.

It is critical they provide sanitary living quarters to customers that are considered habitable.

Therefore, victims who were attacked by bed bugs could cause property owners to be in direct violation of that agreement.

Therefore, as a victim…

You should get connected with a lawyer immediately to discuss your options.

With the number of reported cases growing nationwide, bed bug lawsuits are more prevalent than ever.

The amount of financial compensation you could be eligible for depends on the following factors:


  • The number of bites you experienced.
  • The level of pain & suffering.
  • Whether you experienced any long-term emotional damage.


  • Medical expenses (cost of medication, ER visits etc.).
  • Lost wages (due to time off work).
  • Lost or damaged belongings.

Click here for more information about the average value of a bed bug lawsuit.

I Was Bitten By Bed Bugs.. Now What?

If you were attacked by bed bugs in an Airbnb on one or multiple occasions you are not alone.

In fact there is a community of people out there who have experienced the same problem.

Airbnb communities are a great resource to share stories and experiences related to your bed bug injuries.

Here is one-bed bug experience that occurred in 2017:

“I stayed at a listing in Brooklyn. The room in the informal “hotel”-style accommodation (i.e. a house with a digital lock and multiple rooms) had bed bugs. I was removed from the property, Airbnb (after I was forced to fight aggressively with their customer service representatives, who lied to me about reimbursement) paid for a hotel for three nights, and I left a very honest review articulating exactly what happened.”

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are parasitic insects that live off blood.

They’re often found in diverse sets of environments, irrelevant of the location’s cleanliness.

Meaning bed bugs can be found in a 5-star hotel

Or a run-down apartment.

Bed bugs don’t care where they infest, as long as there are stable environmental conditions and a food source.

The more foot traffic in any given place, the greater the likelihood that bed bugs will be spread to that area.

This is why hotels and now Airbnb’s are often dealing with the problem of bed bugs, and the guests of these locations are the people who face this nightmare head on.

If you suspect an infestation…

It’s important that you diagnose the pests properly.

Often times bed bugs are confused with other similar insects, so in this case knowledge is key.

Bed bugs have the following characteristics:

Appearance: Brown with flat bodies.

Behavior: Bed bugs travel by latching on to clothing/luggage, though they cannot travel far distances on their own.

(Since they can’t fly or jump).

Biology: Their saliva has an anti-clotting mechanism that keeps your blood from clotting or scabbing.

Symptoms: Their bites often don’t show up during the incident, but can get larger and more irritating a few days after being bitten. Bites can be severely itchy, and scratching can lead to blistering or scarring.

Airbnb Bed Bugs Policy

Aside from encouraging customers to contact the customer support hotline

It’s unclear whether Airbnb has a concrete policy when it comes to bed bugs. The company’s official customer support account on Twitter did respond to a question about its bed bug policy in July 2019 saying:

Each case is to be handled on a case by case basis.

See exact language from the Twitter post below:

This does conflict with other messaging Airbnb has come out with that says they take bed bug complaints “seriously” and will suspend a listing until the issue is proven solved.

Many victims are forced to sign NDAs once a settlement is reached between Airbnb and the customer, so there is not a lot of public information out there.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs Airbnb

Both Airbnb hosts and guests can take preventative action to mitigate the likelihood of an infestation.

Your number 1 goal is to keep your guests protected and safe from unwanted pests.

Though no building is immune to bed bugs…

There are things you can do to help identify bed bugs more quickly, and stop a possible infestation from spreading fast.

These are…

Remove Clutter:

Both hosts and guests should keep the residence free of clutter.

That way if bed bugs are present, it gives these creatures less places to hide.

A residence that is completely free of clutter, will usually discover bed bugs faster, before they have a chance to spread quickly

Protect the Beds:

Hosts should utilize protective mattress encasements for their beds as a preventative measure. These encasements will prevent bed bugs from hiding within the mattress, and make them easier to spot.

Keep DIY pest products handy:

Hosts should have bed bug control products like Diatomaceous Earth handy in case a guest reports bed bugs.

This is a safe product that does not contain any pesticides or dangerous compounds.

Airbnb Bed Bug Lawyer

If you’re a guest who suffered severe injury or financial losses due to bed bugs in an Airbnb, you may be eligible for compensation. There are ways to proceed with legal action against Airbnb that can help you seek justice for your injuries. Call (855) 733-9217 for you free no obligation consultation today!

To build a stronger case…

You will need prove some sort of negligence by the company or if they had prior knowledge of the bed bug situation.

If there was a chance you brought bed bugs into the Airbnb you will most likely not be able to sue.

If you’re looking to submit a lawsuit it is recommended that you hire an experienced Airbnb bed bug lawsuit attorney.

Airbnb and Bed Bugs

This is where we come in, helping bed bug bite victims find the right lawyer to get them get through this unfortunate experience.

It is important to gather ample amounts of evidence to aid your case when fighting for compensation in relation to your bed bug exposure.

People often ask and also struggle with whether or not they can actually sue for damages for bed bugs in an Airbnb.

The answer is YES…

But only in the right situation. A guest can receive compensation for the following items:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Damage to your property and belongings
  • Lost income during the time in which you were recovering and out of work
  • Any physical or mental pain and suffering you incurred as result

To get help about inquiring for compensation let us find you the best bed bug lawyer who specializes in Airbnb cases.

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