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No notice given by Park Mgt-55 plus community infestations of bed bugs.

Reported by Pj
  • Incident Venue: Other
  • Location: Mobile Home Park Pasco County, FL

Informed by concerning community member who called Pasco Health Dept. Both, daughter & I suffer from compromised immune systems and they were concerned for our health & safety.
Management & homeower need to be held accountable or fined, this has to be a health & safety violation.
Knownly lying or deceitful practice, putting my family, home, health of others at risk of exposure, mind you it’s a 55 Plus community.

House members of infested home come into carport and upon my property with animals daily, my home is less then 30 feet from such neighbor confirmed to be major infestation.

Management keeping hush as tenants don’t have money to treat infestation by professional company. Homeowner trying DIY methods, leaving furniture & mattress in carport (bugs crawl). Tenants have muliple dogs, cats that travel throughout park onto others property lots, exposing them and their pets to these bugs throughout the community even clubhouse.

Couldn’t find any laws in Florida that would hold management responsibility to inform community of infestation and protect others, advise to take precautions nothing but crickets or states oh not aware (lying).
Health dept aware and at least 20 out of 168 homeowners became suspicious, inquiring about bed mattress and furniture outside.
The homeowner told me spring cleaning just rearranging a few rooms it’s easier to paint/clean.
BOTH homeowner & management aware. I have Lupus and need to control my environment. Limit exposure to chemicals usage/fumes, unhealthy people, pets and their fecal matter including bug’s that carry diseases.

Need help, locating all code violations to give written notice to park owner of management negligence, failure to inform residents of health & safety concerns in community.
We own our homes, rent property lots, and no HOA. Putting our investment property and health & safety at risk. Can you help?

Bodily Harm from Bedbugs!

Reported by Gina
  • Incident Venue: Hotel or Motel
  • Location: Wyndham Southbury CT

Case #05691866 with Wyndham corporate office. Reported 3/35/23 to Bruce & Diane.
I woke up mauled by bed bug bites on my arm & face, 3/25/23, Room 170, after staying in this room for 11 nights.
The same day, I reported my bites and showed them to the front desk at Wyndham Southbury.
I was told the exterminator would be coming for an investigation.
We were comped 2 days by the manager Joe, and our room was moved 4 doors down, Room 178.
Once we settled and rested AND paid for another night, we opened the curtains in the new room and found bed bugs crawling all over the window ledge.
We took videos and pictures, and showed them to the front desk. The manager was not working at the time, so an employee moved our room again, this time to the other end of the hotel, Room 108.
We inspected the entire room prior to moving our belongings inside.
We paid a total of over $1800 for a 2 week stay at the Wyndham Southbury.
The exterminator did not come for an investigation until a week after the incident. I was told they did not find bed bugs, which was expected for them to say to cover the incident.
Corporate has not reached out or refunded my money, therefore I need further, immediate action taken against them.
My skin is not scarred for life because of the neglect of a hotel. This is unacceptable.

Bed Bugs at Red Mill Inn in Lewes, DE

Reported by Kaethe
  • Incident Venue: Hotel or Motel
  • Location: Lewes, DE

I am a senior lady, 67 yo who is staying at the Red Mill Inn in Lewes, DE. I had to go to Beebe Walkin Center on Saturday due to bed bug bites all over my body. I have the doctor’s report and I took a video of the bites. I am on medication and a topical cream right now. I reported it to the agent on duty. He has not done anything and seems to just forget about it. I have nowhere else to go as I am temporarily displaced due to losing my apartment in Florida due to unemployment and rising rents. CRC, Community Resource Center, in Rehoboth Beach, DE placed me in this motel during my transitional period.

Bed bugs in two rooms

Reported by Nellie
  • Incident Venue: Hotel or Motel
  • Location: Hyatt in Fort Meyers

On Feb 12th, I checked into the Hyatt for a 3-night stay. Unfortunately, during this stay, I discovered that my room was infested with bed bugs.

I reported that I had noticed multiple bites on my skin and had been experiencing itching and discomfort. The hotel staff promptly changed my room to yet ANOTHER room that was infested with bed bugs.

Despite the swift action taken by the hotel, I still experienced ongoing issues with bed bugs during my stay. I reported that I found additional bed bugs in the new room and continued to suffer from bites and discomfort.

I cannot believe what a horrible experience that was and it completely ruined my vacation!

My ex friend gave me bedbugs without informing me

Reported by Breona
  • Incident Venue: Home or Apartment
  • Location: bourbon

I let one of my ex-friends come over to stay the night for a week. I got bit the week she was staying over and I asked her to leave when I got bit. She did not say anything to me before she came over that she had bedbugs.

She came over with 4 bags and sat them by my couch. She has 2 kids and her house is nasty because she doesn’t clean it. I have 2 kids myself and they have been bitten up. She has not been back since I have told her to leave. I had to get rid of the couch, a bed ,all my blankets and sheets. I have bombed twice already and they are still not gone.

Me and my kids are being bitten up still. She has not been at my my house for 7 months and they are still not gone. I do want to inform you that I am not doing this because we are not friends anymore I am doing this because I have a family to think about and me and my kids are allergic to bed bugs. I am trying to move out of the place I am at right now and I don’t want the next resident to move in and have them.

Bed bugs at great wolf lodge

Reported by Sheryl
  • Incident Venue: Hotel or Motel
  • Location: Great Wolf Lodge

I went to the great wolf lodge for a vacation with my family. We got bed bugs THE FIRST NIGHT. Cmon… I have to say we were still able to enjoy ourselves but it was definitely a damper on the whole trip. My eldest daughter had 5 bites on her back and 3 to 4 bites on her legs. I’m sad to say that she was sort of suffering the whole trip.

PSA – Make sure to check resorts/hotels whatever for bed bugs before you stay the night. VERY IMPORTANT!!

Bitten By Bed bugs at NY Hotel

Reported by Ian
  • Incident Venue: Hotel or Motel
  • Location: New York City

I experienced bed bugs in a major Marriott hotel property in New York City. I was basically an unassuming tenant who could not have known what fate had in store for me.

While sleeping peacefully, I awoke with itchy red bumps covering my body. After scratching and rubbing at the bumps, I realized what had happened – as there were bed bugs all over me. I then immediately contacted hotel management to report what happened.

I have to say the hotel did take quick action and gave me a refund for the experience. Overall I had like 20-ish bites on my body, mostly concentrated on my arms, back and legs. I left the hotel shortly thereafter and visited a doctor for treatment. Overall it was a horrendous experience that I wouldn’t want anyone to go through.

I highly recommend anyone who suspects an infestation of bed bugs they should contact the hotel management immediately – as these kinds of pests can be hard to deal with and the longer you wait, the worse it could get.

Cocoa Key Resort- Orlando, FL

Reported by T
  • Incident Venue: Hotel or Motel
  • Location: Orlando, FL

Claimed heat was broken- and kept everyone out of one building- moved us into that tower 2 days later. Fast forward 2 weeks- we have bed bugs in our home!

Homeless Shelter bed bugs for over 1yr

Reported by Michelle
  • Incident Venue: Other
  • Location: Path Navigation Homeless Shelter in Placentia, Ca

bed bugs in homeless shelter for over a year no proper treatment ior help for residents

Went to sleep and woke up at 3:15

Reported by Talise
  • Incident Venue: Other
  • Location: Resort Grand desert Las Vegas

Bedbugs were in the bed with me my oldest daughter and my grandbaby I have videos pictures I have a big Mark over my left die and blotches on my on My grandbaby have rashes on her back and stomach

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