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Bed bug bites can be serious in many cases and often cause physical, mental, and emotional distress, in addition to financial stress due to medical bills for treatment. As a result, bed bug injury victims may be eligible for compensation for all of these damages and file a lawsuit with the help of an experienced bed bug lawyer.

In many cases, hotel management or owners may be found negligent if an infestation has had a negative impact on you or a loved one. You may be able to sue for any of the monetary and non-monetary damages resulting from an infestation at a hotel, along with other types of facilities.

Unfortunately, bed bug infestations are affecting a growing number of businesses and residences, and hotels are no exception. Here are some of the ways you can determine if negligence is responsible for a bed bug infestation in a hotel and how to proceed with your case.

When Hotels Are Liable for Bed Bug Infestations

When bed bug infestations take place in hotels, they could be the result of owners’ or management staff’s negligence in some cases. Negligent parties may be required to provide compensation to bed bug injury victims if they are found responsible for any physical, mental, and financial damages resulting from a bed bug infestation.

How Hotels Prevent Bed Bugs

Typically, hotel staff will work to ensure that bed bug infestations don’t develop or spread, as employees are required to maintain hotel rooms, bedding, and other areas to help minimize the risk of a bed bug infestation. Any mattresses that are infested are normally disposed of using sealed covers to carry the mattress away from the property, and professional treatments with the help of exterminators will further prevent the spread of bed bugs.

However, hotel staff’s negligent is often responsible for causing infestations that result in painful bites, as poorly maintained hotel rooms will be more vulnerable to developing infestations.

Collecting Evidence of Infestations

If you believe you are the victim of bed bug bites due to infestations resulting from the negligence of hotel management, one of the first steps you’ll need to take is to gather as much evidence as you can. Take photographs of the room, including any and all infested furniture and bedding.

If you don’t spot any bed bugs, you may be able to see indications of their presence, including eggs, sheddings, or blood spots. All of this evidence will help you successfully reinforce your case.

Types of Recoverable Compensation for Bed Bug Injuries

There are several types of compensation that bed bug bite injury victims may be able to receive for both monetary and non-monetary damages. A qualified and experienced bed bug attorney will be able to review the different types of compensation with you in your case. Some of the types of compensation for bed bug injuries can include:

  • Property damage, including damage to any property discarded as a result of bed bug infestations and the effort to prevent their spread
  • Lost wages due to any work missed as a result of bed bug injuries and treatment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma and distress, which can include a lack of sleep resulting from a fear of future bed bug infestations
  • The cost of shortened or canceled trips or vacations
  • Permanent scarring as a result of bites

In addition to recovering these types of compensation, a bed bug lawsuit for bed bug injuries can also help encourage hotel management to be more diligent in preventing future infestations. Subsequently, you can help make the hotel safer for future guests.

Working with a reliable attorney will help you figure out the types of compensation you can seek for your injuries due to an infestation in a hotel.

Consult with a Bed Bug Bite Lawyer to Discuss Your Case

If you or a loved one has sustained bed bug bite injuries as a result of an infestation and believe negligence was the cause, it’s important to consult with a bed bug bite attorney to determine if you have a case and learn about the compensation you can recover. An experienced attorney will also be able to help walk you through your case and ensure you have a clearer understanding of the process throughout.

Filing a lawsuit in the event of bed bug bite injuries can help ensure you and your loved ones receive the compensation you deserve. Doing so can also help improve the conditions of the hotel responsible by discouraging hotel staff from future negligent practices in the long run, making the hotel safer for other guests.

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Date Published: 2019-09-11

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