New Mexico is a state in the Southwest United States and has a population of around 2.1 million.

Being the 5th largest state in the nation:

New Mexico is home to 5 national forests and over 50 state parks or wilderness areas.

This makes New Mexico an attractive state for outdoor adventure, which is why its tourism sector is a major part of the state’s economy.

In fact, in the past decade, a growing number of travelers have been flocking to New Mexico.

Whether it be rural areas or major cities like Albuquerque or Santa Fe…

Foot traffic in this state continues to grow.

This increase in people has been nothing but positive for New Mexico’s economy, but it has not come without its problems.

For example, New Mexico has had a growing pest control problem.

The biggest of which is the increase in bed bug infestations that are plaguing the people of this state.

New Mexico Bed Bugs

Whether it be in apartments or hotels, the number of reported bed bug infestations continues to grow.

In fact, some would consider bed bugs in New Mexico to be a relatively new epidemic.

Luckily the New Mexico department of health has a flurry of resources and publications available to help educate residents and travelers about the problem.

If you or a family member fell victim to an infestation…

You should do the following:

  • Treat your injuries (either with a medical professional or over the counter medication).
  • Report the infestation (To management or the property owner).
  • Leave the premises (if possible).

Luckily, depending on your situation, you may be eligible for compensation from any damages you experienced related to bed bugs.

To learn more about whether you’re eligible for a payout, you should give us a call at (855) 733-9217 or submit your case today.

New Mexico Bed Bug Lawyer

No matter where you live in New Mexico, you have rights when it comes to the health and safety of your living space.

Landlords, hotel owners, or other property ownership could be held liable in New Mexico for not providing a residence that is safe and free of public health hazard.

If a property owner knowingly places you in a bed bug-infested living residence, in many cases they could be liable for damages.

In the right situation you can file a bed bug lawsuit, and receive a payout for any of the following:

Physical Injuries:

This could be in the form of multiple bites that cause irritation or painful symptoms. These bites can cause major bumps and welts on your body that can have a negative cosmetic effect.

Pain & Suffering:

If an infestation has caused you not just physical harm, but caused damage to you mentally or emotionally, this could raise the value of your potential payout.

Emotional damages can come in the form of:

Medical Expenses:

This involves the cost of any hospital or ER visits, medication, or over the counter medicine. Be sure to save your receipts so you can show the expenses you had to deal with as a result of bed bugs.

Damaged Belongings:

If you had to throw our clothes, furniture, luggage etc. due to bed bugs, this could fall into the total damages you incurred. Other financial damages could include the cost of ruined vacation or lost wages as a result of an infestation.

Due to the Statute of Limitations, it’s critical that you get in touch with an attorney about your bed bug experience IMMEDIATELY.

The longer you wait, the less likely it is that you can file a bed bug lawsuit.

New Mexico Bed Bug Laws

Unfortunately, New Mexico does not have any specific laws pertaining to bed bugs.

That being said, this does not mean that victims in New Mexico are out of luck.

There are still laws here that apply, one of which is the implied warranty of habitability.

This doctrine states that…

(unless otherwise specified in the lease)

Property owners are required to provide a living area that is both habitable and safe.

Therefore, if you experience bed bugs you still may have a case for a lawsuit.

The city of Albuquerque does provide guidance to residents of New Mexico on how to report an infestation.

  1. Inform property management (owner, landlord, or management company) in writing. If no action is taken within 10 days you should contact a lawyer.
  2. Call 311 and report the untreated infestation to the Urban Biology Division.
  3. Review these helpful resources to educate yourself on bed bugs. You can view both the exposure checklist or bed bug fact sheet for more information.

It’s important to note that state and local health departments only take reports from apartment complexes, multifamily buildings, assisted living facilities, group homes, as well as hotels/motels.

If you experience an infestation in a single-family home, you should contact a private pest control service.

Bed Bug Details & Facts

Bed bugs are small, flat, oval-shaped insects that live on human blood.

Though these bugs do not fly or jump…

Bed bugs can move quickly over floors, walls, and ceilings.

With their ability to hitchhike on our belongings or clothes, these creatures can travel far distances.

Bed bugs are notorious for their ability to spread quickly, along with their ability to survive.

In fact, female bed bugs lay close to 12 eggs per day.

(around 500 in their lifetimes).

Below are some interesting facts about bed bugs:

They can survive without food for an entire year. If you thought you were going to be the first one to starve bed bugs to death, think again.

Bed bugs don’t like extreme temperatures. In fact, bed bugs can’t survive temperatures below 30 degrees F or above 120 degrees F for more than a few hours. This is why heat treatments are very popular to remove infestations.

Bed bugs are like ghosts in many ways. You’re not likely to be haunted by these creatures, but baby bed bugs that haven’t fed for a while will appear translucent. These creatures love to attack at night and can be hard to find during the day.

Bed bugs can be a money pit or a big-money opportunity. The cost of pest control and dealing with an infestation can be financially draining, but for some people, it can lead to a big payout.

That’s why it’s critical to determine whether you’re eligible to sue for your bed bug infestation. The average payout of a bed bug lawsuit has continued to increase over the years, so don’t waste your opportunity!

New Mexico Bed Bug Injury Attorneys

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