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Albuquerque is the biggest city in the state of New Mexico, with an estimated population of 560,000 people.

Considered “the heart” of its state, this vibrant city boasts diverse cultures, authentic art, and centuries-old traditions.

The city’s economy thrives off technology.

As it’s home to a combination of high-tech private businesses and government institutions along the Rio-Grande.

Its tourism sector also continues to grow as more museums, galleries, shops, and other points of interest are built across the state.

More people are moving to New Mexico due to its breathtaking desert landscape and economic outlook.

This influx of residents and tourists is almost all positive…

Although it has contributed to a major pest control problem in the state.

The biggest of which is the growth in bed bug infestations, with more and more reported cases every year.

Bed Bugs Albuquerque

Bed bugs have been plaguing people in Albuquerque for decades.

Whether it be residents or travelers, these creatures have tormented the people of this great state for the following reasons:

  • Bed bugs are survivors. They have evolved a greater resiliency to common pesticides such as DDT.
  • These insects are wonderful at hiding. Existing treatment methods have a difficult time persisting in the hard to reach places that bed bugs reside.
  • Bed bugs hitchhike on people in order to spread. You can be spreading bed bugs through your clothes, bags, or even places on your body.

Whether it be in your hotel room, apartment, or Airbnb, these insects can turn your life upside down.


If you come across a bed bug infestation, you do have options.

Under the right circumstances, you can sue property ownership/management for the damages a bed bug infestation caused you.

In the past few years, bed bug settlements have resulted in some huge payouts.

Bed Bug Lawyer in Albuquerque 

If you were injured or experienced financial losses as a result of bed bugs, you may have a right to file a lawsuit.

Property owners, landlords, or hotel management may be held liable for knowingly placing people in living areas that were infested.

Tenants and hotel guests have a right to a place that is considered habitable and safe, so if a property owner breaches that, they could be liable for damages.

In order to get the best chance at compensation, you will need to get connected with a lawyer immediately. Since the statute of limitations applies, the longer you wait the harder it is to file a lawsuit for your bed bug case.

To get a lawyer FAST you can call us at (855) 733 – 9217 or submit your case here for your free consultation. The initial consultation is hassle-free, quick and easy!

What is the Value of a Bed Bug Lawsuit?

The average financial value of a bed bug lawsuit settlement will depend on a variety of factors.

These include some of the following…

The Number of Bites:

The total number of bites endured across multiple victims helps dictate the level of physical injury that occurred. If an infestation caused more than 15 to 20 bites, it could raise the value of a lawsuit.

Long Term Health Effects:

This involves whether victims have experienced any adverse physical symptoms from bites. For example in people (especially the elderly) with pre-existing conditions can often be exacerbated due to bed bug bites.

This can cause symptoms like…

  • trouble breathing
  • cardiac arrest
  • panic attacks
  • allergic reactions.

Pain & Suffering:

Bed bugs can cause major interruptions to your daily life due to the emotional damage that an infestation often causes. Many consider these to be worse than the physical symptoms of bed bugs and are extremely important toward the value of your case.

Emotional symptoms can be in the form of…

Medical Expenses:

This involves the cost of going to the hospital or ER, along with the cost of medication.

(needed specifically for injuries that occurred directly by bed bugs).

Damaged Belongings:

Many times victims of bed bug infestations are forced to throw out their furniture, clothes, luggage, or handbags because these things were infested. If you lost belongings due to bed bugs this could raise the value of your potential payout.

Other monetary losses that could factor into the value of your case include any lost wages or the cost of a ruined vacation as well.

Albuquerque Bed Bug Laws

Though the state of New Mexico does not have any specific laws pertaining to bed bugs…

This does not mean that the state does not protect bed bug victims.

There are still laws that can affect bed bug cases…

One of which is a doctrine called the Implied Warranty of Habitability.

Unless specified otherwise in the lease, this states that property owners MUST deliver a dwelling that is safe, habitable, and free of harm.

So if your living area is infested with bed bugs, this could be in breach of this law.

The city does provide some guidance along with helpful information that is publicly available.

You can access all of these resources here.

This includes what you should do in the event of an infestation.

Step 1: Inform property ownership of the infestation. In order to compile evidence for a potential case you should report this in writing.

Step 2: If you’re a resident of the city you can call 311 to report infestations to the Urban Biology Division.

Step 3: Review resources such as the treatment preparation checklist along with the bed bug fact sheet.

The health department will only take reports from infestations that occur in the following areas:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Multi-family Buildings
  • Assisted Living Facilities or skilled nursing facilities
  • Group Homes
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Schools

Note: If you experience bed bugs in a single-family home you will need to contact a private pest control service in Albuquerque.

Hotels with Bed Bugs in Albuquerque

The unfortunate thing about bed bugs is that no place is immune to an infestation.

Whether it be a 5-star hotel or a rundown motel, no temporary residence can be immune to an infestation.

Bed bugs can persist and survive in almost any area, especially those with a revolving door of foot traffic as hotels do.

If you do suspect bed bugs in a hotel in Albuquerque, you should follow these steps:

  1. Identify the infestation:

Bed bugs are often confused for similar insects, so it’s key that you diagnose that what you’re seeing is in fact bed bugs.

You can look around your hotel room for bed bugs or check to see if your bites (if you have any) resemble that of bed bugs bites.

2. Take Pictures:

Gather evidence of the bed bugs. Whether that be pictures/videos of live bugs or the bites on your body. This is especially key if you plan to file a bed bug lawsuit.

3. Report the infestation:

Report bed bugs to the front desk. They should move you to a different hotel room and ensure that management is contacted. Make sure you document the conversation to the best of your ability.

4. Get a Lawyer:

Local and state laws can be difficult to navigate around this circumstance, so it’s extremely important that you get the help of a bed bug personal injury lawyer to walk you through the process. Give us a call at (855) 733-9217 or submit your case for your free initial consultation.

Bed Bug Complaints Hotels

Here is an example of a past bed bug case at an Albuquerque motel. The specific motel is not named because the case settled outside of court.

Albuquerque Motel Case: September 2019

An individual recently decided to take his new wife for a weekend getaway in Albuquerque. He booked the motel well in advance and was excited to get a break from his daily grind.

After a long day of sightseeing, the couple was extremely tired and went to bed. At about 5 am the wife woke up with a burning sensation on her arm, and she noticed there were multiple red welts on her arms and chest. The husband complained but the motel would not take accountability or provide accommodations for putting the couple in an infested room.

The husband decided to file for a lawsuit, as his wife not only experienced physical symptoms but has had emotional trauma and anxiety from the incident.

The case later settled for $25,000 in damages.

The below video is another example of an ABQ motel being sued for bed bugs (reported by KRQE news)

Here are a few examples of hotels with reported bed bug complaints:

  • Crowne Plaza Albuquerque Bed Bugs
  • Clubhouse Inn Bed Bugs
  • Holiday Inn Express Albuquerque Bed Bugs
  • Hyatt Place Albuquerque Airport Bed Bugs
  • Hawthorn Suites Albuquerque Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Injury Attorneys in Albuquerque, NM

Have you or a loved one been injured or experienced financial losses due to bed bugs? If you suffered from bed bugs in your hotel room, apartment, or another location, you may be entitled to compensation. Get connected with a lawyer today for your free, no-obligation, consultation. There are no fees unless you win your case.

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