Alabama is the 24th most populous state in America, with an estimated 4.9 million people in 2019.

This state is an under the radar hot spot for tourism, with an estimated 30 million tourists flowing through Alabama every year.

This state is home to a variety of attractions that include natural features and parks/events that attract visitors from around the globe. Main state attractions include the Hangout Music Festival, Gulf Shore Beaches, and The Alabama Shakespeare Festival.

More people are migrating to Alabama, with a population increase of 104,000 in the past 10 years.

With the increase in people moving to Alabama, along with a thriving tourism economy, the state has created some problems.

A major problem is that the number of bed bug infestations have exploded in Alabama in the past 2 decades.

With a rising number of reported cases every year…

The people of this state are fighting a losing battle against the bed bug.

Alabama Bed Bugs

The most common places people get bed bugs include:

Were you affected by bed bugs in the state of Alabama?

If so, you may have some options.

Alabama Bed Bug Lawyer

If you have fallen victim to bed bugs in Alabama, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries and expenses.

The value of your bed bug lawsuit will vary on a case by case basis. Each case will include a variety of factors that will affect the amount of money you could receive.

These factors include:

The Number of Bites This has to do with the amount you have been bitten, and whether multiple people were bitten.

The Degree of Emotional Trauma: Whether bed bugs have caused any long-term emotional damage. This could include anxiety, disturbed sleep, or depression.

Physical Injury: Whether you have experienced any adverse health problems due to bed bugs. Though symptoms from bed bugs are usually mild, these are cases where these creatures can be dangerous.

Medical Expenses: This includes costs of medicine, hospital visits, etc.

Lost Belongings: Any lost or damaged, furniture, clothes, or bags, that had to be thrown out because they were infested with bed bugs.

A licensed lawyer in Alabama can help discuss your unique situation FREE of charge, to help determine whether you have a case for a lawsuit.

Alabama Bed Bug Laws

The laws in Alabama specifically address bed bug infestations in hotels. Property owners in this state have a responsibility for the health and safety of their guests and have a duty to provide a living area that’s free of harm.

Allowing customers to stay in an infested hotel room, is clearly in breach of these laws.

According to the Alabama Administrative Code:

420-3-11-.12 Insect and Rodent Control Guest rooms and other areas of the

hotel found to be infested with rodents and/or insects, including but not limited to cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, lice or mites, shall be subject to immediate closure until treatment of the room or area has been deemed effective in elimination of the vermin. The Health officer shall declare the problem abated before the room or area is reopened to guests.

Therefore, if the hotel allowed you to stay in an infested room, they could be held liable for your injuries.

If you suspect bed bugs in your Alabama hotel room, you should report the case immediately to hotel management.

If management fails to respond to you accordingly…

You can consider sending a demand letter, or contacting a lawyer immediately.

If you think you have bed bugs in your hotel room…

You should also contact the Alabama Department of Public Health. They will send someone to investigate your complaint.

If bed bugs are found:

The infested areas will be forced to close until they can be dealt with accordingly.

Are There State Laws For Landlord vs. Tenant Disputes?

Unfortunately, Alabama does not have any laws that require landlords to deal with an infestation in a rental unit.

Though If you do suspect bed bugs in your apartment…

It’s not hopeless…

Landlords are still held to the implied warranty of habitability so they could be liable if you can prove the infestation existed before you moved in.

If it’s a multi-unit apartment complex, you could build your case if neighboring units had bed bugs which were spread to you.

Does Alabama Have Bed Bugs?

Unfortunately, when it comes to bed bugs…

No state is immune.

Bed bugs tend to thrive in warmer environments, so southern states can be more vulnerable to serious infestations.

Interestingly, these pests have not been around forever.

At least in America, bed bugs were largely eradicated in the 1950s with the introduction of stronger pesticides like DDT.

Unfortunately, since the early 2000s, bed bugs have made an impressive comeback, and are now more prevalent than ever.

It is estimated that 1 in 5 Americans will either personally experience or know someone who has dealt with bed bugs.

A few things led to the comeback of bed bugs.

These include:

  • With the increase in travel, people are unknowingly spreading bed bugs to each other.
  • EPA regulation has limited the use of effective pesticides.
  • Bed bugs are adapting to survive against insecticides and existing treatment methods.

Alabama Hotels with Bed Bugs

Many hotels in Alabama have had reported cases and complaints of bed bugs. Some of these complaints get reported on TripAdvisor or the Bed Bug Registry.

Other cases get settled quietly so that the hotel doesn’t take the hit on their reputation.

Here is an example of a bed bug complaint from Trip Advisor.

Sheraton Birmingham Hotel

I stayed in room 1506 on July 16th, 2012. I immediately noticed bite marks on my arms and legs the next morning. Over the course of the next 2 days, these bites became red and itchy. They are also in clusters of 3 & 4 in a row. I’ve compared my bite marks to photos online and sure enough, they match. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else, it’s very uncomfortable and I’m very worried I picked up a little hitchhiker or two. I washed all my clothing and have everything else in the freezer.

The video below is an example of an individual who filmed bed bugs at the Clarion Hotel in Birmingham.

Other Notable Alabama Hotels that could have bed bugs include:

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Montgomery
  • The Westin Birmingham
  • Hyatt Regency Birmingham
  • La Quinta By Wyndham Montgomery
  • Ramada by Wyndham Tuscaloosa

Get a Bed Bug Lawyer

Connect with an Alabama bed bug lawsuit attorney to learn whether you can get compensation for your bed bug related injuries. If you were bitten by bed bugs in your home, apartment, or in a hotel/motel in Alabama, we can help. To set up a free legal consultation, get in touch with us today.