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Bed bugs leave an itchy red mark on your skin, similar to a mosquito’s bite. And no matter what hotel you’re staying in, they can find their way into your bed, clothes, luggage, and more.

If you’re not careful enough, they’ll travel back home with you. Because of this, experts recommend that the first must-do thing for every vacationer is to check for tell-tale signs of bed bug infestation in a hotel room.

But first,

Keep Your Luggage in a Safe Spot

Bed bug infestation prevention starts the moment you step into your hotel room. The key to preventing a bed bug infestation is to be cautious from the start. Do not unpack or leave your luggage in the room without doing a few things first.

If the hotel room is contaminated, it won’t take long for the little insects to find a comfortable spot in your suitcase or somewhere inside of your backpack. To keep them out of your things until you’ve checked the room, make sure to place your luggage in a safe spot.

A bathtub will do the trick if you have a lot of luggage. You can also always hang your backpack on the door. Bed bugs enjoy hiding in materials that are dry, warm, and soft, so keep a safe distance from any furniture, carpets, rugs, towels, pillows, and curtains.

Thoroughly Inspect the Room

Bed bugs can be seen with a naked eye, but they are too fast to catch.

Fortunately, there are other visible signs of infestation you can check for. Even though bed bugs can be found even in the most unlikely of places, one spot they never miss an opportunity to inhabit is the bed. Here’s how to make sure the bed in your room is bug-free:

  • Remove all the blankets, linens, and sheets
  • Prepare a flashlight on your mobile phone
  • Look for dark brown spots (bed bug feces)
  • Pay attention to eggs and exoskeletons
  • Inspect the corners first
  • Dig deeper under the folds
  • Inspect all four corners of the mattress
  • Check the sheets, pillows, and covers
  • Examine the headboard and nightstand

Remember, you’re looking for dark brown or rust-colored spots, exoskeletons, and bed bug eggs. They are usually very small, but visible under the flashlight. If you don’t find any of these three signs on the bed, move on to the rest of the furniture, carpets, and curtains.

If it’s all clear, feel free to relax, unpack, and start enjoying your vacation.

Staying Pest-Free While Traveling

The bad news is, you can catch bed bugs in hotel lobbies and public transportation as well. To stay pest-free while traveling, consider keeping your luggage wrapped in plastic bags. Don’t remove them for some time after you return home, experts recommend, just in case.

What to Do if You Find Bed Bugs in Your Hotel?

If you discover bed bugs in your hotel room, act immediately.

Ask the hotel staff to speak to the manager and ask for a new room. The further away from the contaminated area of the hotel, the better. Of course, you’d want to examine this room using the same steps as before. If it’s infested too, ask for a refund and check in to a different hotel.

Do the same if you don’t find any signs of bed bugs but wake up with red bites on your skin. In either scenario, you may also be eligible to seek out a lawsuit against the hotel. If you have fallen victim to a bed bug infestation in a hotel, you may be eligible for compensation. Let us connect you with Bed Bug Injury Lawyers for more information today!

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Date Published: 2019-04-14

Written By Robert Brown

I'm a seasoned pest control veteran. I focus my time on writing educational content about the industry and helping people learn about indoor insects. When I'm not thinking about bed bugs I am spending time with my daughters or walking the dog.

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