Updated: October 26, 2022

7 Best Steamers For Bed Bugs

Steam cleaning is a great, chemical-free method to use in your home for general cleaning, and it is known to help prevent and eliminate bed bugs. 

If you’ve never used a steamer, it might be difficult to identify the best model for your household’s needs. 

Here are some top-rated steam cleaners to get you on your way to a fresh and sanitized space that is bed bug-free.

  1. SteamFast Canister Steam Cleaner

This steam cleaner is easy-to-use, versatile, and easily maneuverable, and for a great price of $119.99. 

It comes with 17 accessory attachments that change the way steam can be applied to various surfaces for maximum effectiveness, and it’s easy to store.

This is a great option if you’re looking for something to accomplish a wide range of cleaning tasks in a smaller area of space. 

However, there are other products that are more powerful than this model, and that cover a wider area on one full tank. The SteamFast operates for 45 minutes before the tank must be refilled.

  1. Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner

Vapamore Steam Cleaners are already highly recommended by pest control professionals for their excellent track record.

Running at up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, this model is complete with plenty of nozzle attachments and an extra-long power cord to cover a greater distance.

However, some buyers have reported that this is somewhat difficult to store.

With a run-time of about 60 minutes, this product comes in at $349, which may be on the pricier side for some homeowners.

  1. McCulloch MC1375 Deluxe Steam Cleaner

While the McCulloch maxes out at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit, its 64-ounce tank capacity can produce continuous steam for 2 hours.

It’s definitely a heavy-duty tool and includes mop pads among its list of 23 accessories, as well as a storage bag for all these items. 

The price on Amazon is currently listed as $199.99 but it usually goes for $259.99.

In this case, it seems you get a lot for your money!

  1. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner


The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner weighs the least of all the products listed, making it one of the easiest to handle around the house.

It also heats up to one of the highest temperature capabilities, around 275 degrees Fahrenheit. No bed bug would survive that kind of heat.

While this model is mostly intended to be used on flooring, it does include an attachment that can be used to clean carpet or plush surfaces like furniture. 

Reviews indicate that users are happy with the product, but find the power cord to be somewhat clumsy to work with and the full tank runtime best for homes with a smaller square footage.

This model is listed at $189.78.

  1. Wagner 915 Power Steamer and Cleaner

Normally $199.99, the Wagner is currently on sale for $145. This model is also highly-rated by professionals.

With a 45-minute runtime and max temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, its 18 accessories make this steamer another great option for eliminating bed bugs and general home cleaning. 

The only drawback of this model compared to others is that it lacks a feature that generates a continuous stream, which many consider to be preferable for optimal use.

  1. Bissell SteamShot Deluxe Cleaner

If you’re looking for spot cleaning rather than total coverage, a handheld steamer is the way to go. 

Coming in at only $39.99, this price is much lower than a large steamer model that sits on the floor for operation.

With its small size, you can easily fit it on any cabinet or shelf for storage. 

It has comparable temperature capability, but its tank has a capacity of 6.6 ounces – only enough for a few minutes of use before it must be refilled.

  1. Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner

There are a lot of commercial-grade steam cleaner options out there, but the Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner stands out among the others.

With a max temperature of over 300 degrees and a 10 foot applicator hose, this model definitely outperforms some of the other steam cleaners if you’re looking for the absolute best in the business. 

But you get what you pay for – the Dupray is listed at $997, a far cry from some of the products above. However, other professional steam cleaning tools come in at an even higher price point, so this may be the best commercial model for homeowners.

Where can I Buy Steamers for Bed Bug Removal?

There are many steam cleaners listed on common online vending sites like Amazon. If you’re looking to pick out a model in person, you can most likely find one at your local tool and appliance store like Home Depot or Lowes.

Do Steamers Actually Work for Bed Bugs?

Because steamers work by heating water to the point of evaporation, the temperature is boiling when it contacts any surface for cleaning. 

At this high temperature, the steam will kill anything small enough to get caught in it, such as bed bugs or any other unlucky insect, effectively sanitizing the surface.

Steam cleaners are a popular option not only because of their effectiveness but their lack of toxicity to household occupants, including children and pets.

Compared to chemical treatments, steam has no risk of odor, residue, or potentially toxic substances.

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Date Published: 2022-10-26

Written By Robert Brown

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