Wisconsin Bed Bugs

Wisconsin is a state located in the upper Midwest. Sharing a border with Michigan, it also borders 2 of the Great Lakes: Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.

Dairy is the primary export of Wisconsin, especially cheese. This has helped contribute to the local culture.

In fact… Wisconsinites have adopted the nickname “cheeseheads,” and Wisconsin itself is known as “America’s Dairyland.”

The state offers a lot for tourists to experience. It’s famous for several music festivals, art museums, and of course… the Green Bay Packers.

Unfortunately, this rise in tourism has had a direct relationship to the rise in bed bug populations across Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Bed Bug Lawyer

Bed bugs aren’t picky with their targets. If you’re a resident of Wisconsin or simply visiting the state, you could potentially fall victim to an infestation.

And if that happens, you have the legal right to sue for damages sustained.

People who file bed bug-related lawsuits typically seek damages for the following reasons:

  • Damages related to loss of wages and medical bills.
  • Loss of furniture or personal property.
  • Damages stemming from fear or anxiety caused by bed bugs.

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Are Bed Bugs Common in Wisconsin?

Bed bugs can be found all throughout the United States. Wisconsin is no exception.

In a list released by Orkin cataloging the worst cities for bed bugs, 1 city in Wisconsin appears.

(Milwaukee is 32nd on the list).

Common places for bed bugs to hide include bedding material, bed frames, and other nooks or crannies found that exist within the home.

Are Landlords Responsible for Bed Bugs in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, tenant-landlord legislation exists to protect tenants from infestations. Like most states, it’s the responsibility of the landlord to remove any bed bugs infesting the property.

Also like most states, there’s a catch.

If it can be proven that the tenant is responsible for the infestation persisting, either “due to the acts or inaction” of the tenant, then they are held accountable.

While the landlord can voluntarily help out in those circumstances, the tenant must reimburse the landlord for any and all materials or services provided to them.

How Can You Find Out If You Have Bed Bugs?

Since bed bugs are nocturnal creatures, they won’t be immediately obvious at first. The fact that they hide in remote places only complicates things further.

Typically, the most common sign of bed bug activity is bed bug bites. They look like tiny- red-colored welts left along the upper torso.

Other signs include blood stains on bedding (caused when a sleeping person crushes bed bugs), fecal matter around the site of a colony, and discarded bed bug skins or eggshells.