South Carolina Bed Bugs

South Carolina is a state located in the Southeastern United States. Boasting a population of 5.1 million residents as of 2020, it is the 23rd most populated state.

The state has a diverse geography. Along the coast is the Lowcountry, a flat area composed of bays and marshland; the South Carolina Piedmont is made up of dense forests; and the Blue Ridge Mountains make up the northwestern corner of the state.

Like much of the South, South Carolina’s economy was once dependent on the slave trade. The state was the first to secede from the Union in 1860, with the Civil War breaking out a few months later.

Something that has been around since before the Civil War is the bed bug.

A nightmare of a pest that has been plaguing citizens of this fine state for decades.

South Carolina Bed Bug Lawyer

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Is My Landlord Responsible for Bed Bugs in South Carolina?

Yes, you can hold a landlord accountable for any damages resulting from bed bugs. South Carolina enforces tenant-landlord agreement laws, which mandate that property owners keep the properties they rent out habitable.

Once an infestation is discovered, it is the duty of the tenant to report it to their landlord immediately. The landlord must then take the necessary steps to remove the bed bugs from the property.

However, if the landlord is able to prove that the tenant is responsible for attracting bed bugs, then it becomes the duty of the tenant to cover the cost of extermination.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny, nocturnal insects that drink human blood. Their name comes from the fact that they typically hide in bedding, though they can be found in all sorts of nooks and crannies.

A bed bug bite typically looks like a red-colored welt. As it feeds, a bed bug will bite multiple areas of skin to sustain itself. Common areas for bed bug bites include the neck, shoulders and arms.

Since bed bugs can be found wherever humans live, they have become a major problem in recent years. Bed bugs were nearly wiped out in the United States during the 1950s: however, the rise of international travel has created an epidemic of bed bug activity.

Highly adaptable and equally resilient, bed bugs are notoriously difficult to remove. Even professional bed bug treatments may require multiple sessions before an infestation is completely exterminated.

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