Rhode Island Bed Bugs

Rhode Island is known for being the smallest state in the US, covering only 1,214 miles of land. Due to its prominence and small size, Rhode Island is the 2nd most densely populated state in the country.

Over ¼ of the state’s population lives in or around the capital city of Providence. Other heavily populated cities include Warwick, Cranston and Woonsocket.

Much of Rhode Island’s tourist appeal comes from the local culture. Popular landmarks include the Newport Mansions, the multitude of state beaches, and more humorously, the Big Blue Bug in Providence.

But the Big Blue Bug isn’t the only bug in Rhode Island…

Unfortunately the bed bug is also extremely popular in this state.

Rhode Island Bed Bug Lawyer

If you’re dealing with bed bugs after visiting Rhode Island, you could have a claim to financial compensation.

Bed bugs can be responsible for all kinds of damage, causing physical and mental suffering or financial loss.

If you have an infestation on your hands, you may sue for the following causes:

  • Damages related to loss of wages and medical bills
  • Loss of furniture or personal property
  • Damages stemming from fear or anxiety caused by bed bugs

Please call us at (855) 733-9217 or visit our website. We can help put you in contact with a licensed bed bug lawyer, who will fight for your right to seek compensation.

The consultation is FREE, and you won’t pay anything unless you win your case.

Is My Landlord Responsible for Bed Bugs in Rhode Island?

Like most states, Rhode Island abides by several tenant-landlord rules designed to protect tenants from bed bugs and other pests.

However, Rhode Island law adds a notable caveat.

If bed bug infestations are limited to a single residence, then it’s the tenant’s responsibility to take care of it, regardless of whether or not they are responsible for the infestation to begin with.

But if an infestation occupies multiple residences…

Then it becomes the landlord’s duty to organize full removal of the infestation.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, parasitic creatures that feed on human blood at night.

They can adapt to just about any environment, and are common throughout the United States.

While bed bugs only live a few months, they are constantly laying eggs. This means that an infestation can persist for years if it isn’t caught early on.