Michigan is a state in the Great Lakes with a population of around 10 million.

As the 10th most populous city in America. This state is filled with a diverse economy, and is known as the center of the country’s automotive industry.

Its tourism center ranks among the busiest in the nation.

The state has an estimated $18 billion spent on tourism annually, circling around the forests, lakes, and beaches that span thousands of miles.

This state includes big gatherings from attractions like the Tulip Time Festival, Henry Ford Museum, and big-time sports arenas.

The state’s booming tourism sector, schools & universities, along with diverse landscape, has led to a population increase of 200,000 since the last U.S. census.


All of this growth for the state does not come without its problems.

As Michigan is among the country’s TOP states in terms of reported bed bug infestations.

Michigan Bed Bugs

According to Orkin’s list of top bed bug cities, 4 of those are in Michigan.

They include:

  • Detroit
  • Grand Rapids
  • Lansing
  • Flint

Residents, vacationers, business travelers, and students all need to be vigilant about Michigan’s growing bed bug problem.

Though these pests were eradicated in the 1950s

They have since made an enormous comeback.

In terms of avoiding an infestation, knowledge is key.

So you should know how to identify, prevent, and treat bed bugs if you suspect their presence.

Bed bug Lawyers in Michigan

If you were injured by a bed bug infestation in a Michigan hotel, apartment, or another residence…

You may be entitled to financial compensation.

Property owners have a duty to deliver a clean and safe environment for their residents/guests and allowing a known bed bug infestation to persist could be in breach of that duty.

There are cases where victims have received $50,000 or more from a bed bug lawsuit, so it’s important to determine whether you have a case.

We can connect you with a licensed personal injury attorney in your area, who can discuss your unique situation and walk you through next steps.

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Michigan Bed Bug Laws

According to Michigan Law, landlords should (in good faith) deliver a new tenant with housing that’s free of bed bugs.

If a tenant reports an infestation to a landlord in a timely manner…

(Timely manner = Within 48 hours of discovery)

The landlord is usually responsible for scheduling the bed bug inspection.

Preliminary inspection can be done by the landlord or management staff, but it’s best to have this confirmed by a pest control professional.

Determining responsibility is influenced by the origin of the infestation, and professionals can usually trace an infestation back to how it got started.

This is especially the case within an apartment complex or multi-family housing.

These situations can be more complicated because:

  • Bed bugs can crawl through cracks in the walls and infest neighboring apartments.
  • Coordination between multiple parties is required for bed bug removal. This includes tenants, owners, management, and staff.
  • If one unit is infested, then documented inspections are needed for all adjacent apartments.

In many cases, property managers will need to seek treatment, but tenants are required to comply with the treatment plan.

This could include:

  • Removing clutter in the apartment.
  • Vacating the premises for the duration of the treatment.
  • Making preparations to prevent further infestations.

Preventing future infestations might include keeping the apartment clean, or purchasing bed bug mattress encasements.

For more information, the state government put together some helpful resources on bed bugs.

Bed Bugs in Hotels

Next to single-family homes, hotels are one of the top places people come across bed bugs. With constant foot traffic coming in and out, bed bugs are naturally drawn to this unlimited food source.

Whether it be the JW Marriott in Grand Rapids, or The Westin Southfield in Detroit, no hotel is immune from a bed bug infestation.

Hotel owners and management have a duty to protect their guests from unsafe conditions, so if you do get bitten in a hotel…

You have some options.

If you can prove negligence upon the hotel, showing that they improperly handled a known bed bug infestation.

You may be able to get financial compensation for your losses.

Hotels are afraid of damaging their reputation, so it’s possible your case could end in a quick settlement.

The amount you can sue for depends on the following factors:

  • The number of bites
  • The severity of your injuries
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Ruined vacation
  • Pain & Suffering
  • Psychological harm

If you or a loved one fell victim to bed bugs at your Michigan hotel, get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

Michigan Bed Bug Registry

For information about past bed bug cases, you can visit the Michigan bed bug registry here. This will provide you with past complaints in certain hotels, airports, or festivals in Michigan.

Bed Bug Cases

Here are some Michigan bed bug complaint examples.

Days inn Kalamazoo Airport 11/04

I stayed for two nights with my parents who are from out of town, 10/23 – 10/25. I was overly cautious before staying here, checked reviews, and inspected the room. Even still, before going to sleep on the second night, I had an itch on my ankle. I looked down to discover a cluster of bites on my ankle, two going up my leg, and another two in a row a little above my knee. My parents staying in the room with me did not show any visible signs of being bitten and of course didn’t fully believe me (they didn’t notify the hotel to my knowledge), but I won’t be staying there again. I think I did everything right to avoid any hitchhikers, but if I find any more bites I’m contacting the hotel myself.

Detroit Regency Hotel 5/29

Came here over Memorial Day weekend for the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Checked in on May 24, 2014. We came back to the hotel after the festival and discovered a live bed bug crawling up the leg of one of our guests. Minutes later we discovered another bedbug alive on the same bed. We saved the bedbug and showed it to the front desk. They refunded our money and apologized. We didn’t make a big stink about it but we did have to find another hotel to stay at during possibly one of the busiest weekends in Detroit.

Below is a video of a mother suffering from bed bugs in her apartment building.

Bed Bugs in Michigan Schools

Schools are another common place that bed bugs can infest. Though less common than residences where people sleep, anywhere with a crowd of people can attract these pests.

In one example:

The southern Michigan school district actually closed down for 2 days due to bed bugs in January 2020. According to Local News, the school used rubbing alcohol spray and special dogs to help detect and remove bed bugs.

University of Michigan Bed Bugs

There are also cases of bed bugs at The University of Michigan.

In one instance a string of bed bug cases popped up in Ann Arbor in housing off-campus.

This situation displaced many students for a semester, as local landlords and the school fought the infestation for weeks.

Bed Bug Exterminators Michigan

If you suspect bed bugs…

Here are some recommended pest control specialists that operate across the state of Michigan.

Michigan Bed Bug Specialists

Rose Pest Solutions

Griffin Pest Solutions

Bed Bug Attorney in Detroit, MI

Bed bugs can be a nightmare to deal with. Not only do they cause irritating bites, but the losses you experience as a result of these creatures can be devastating.

If you fell victim to bed bugs in an apartment, hotel, Airbnb, or another facility, get connected with a lawyer today.

We fight for you to get the compensation you deserve and don’t charge fees unless you win your case.