Louisiana is a state in the deep south and the 25th most populous state in America (4.6 million people).

A major part of Louisiana is its tourism and culture, especially in the New Orleans area.

Notable cultural destinations in this state include:

Bourbon Street, Jackson Square, The St. Louis Cathedral, and The World Cultural Economic Forum.

On top of tourism, this state thrives economically on seafood, soybeans, and dairy products.

This state has been a notable hub for tourists and incoming residents.

While this influx of foot traffic is positive for the state’s growing economy…

It does not come with its problems.

Unfortunately, Louisiana is suffering from a bed bug epidemic.

Louisiana Bed Bugs

With the number of reported bed bug cases exploding in the past decade.

The bed bug problem is especially bad in the state’s biggest and most densely populated cities.

Areas that are vulnerable to infestations include:

Luckily, if you fell victim to bed bugs in one of the above places…

You may be eligible for a BIG payout.

Under certain conditions, you may be able to sue a property owner for the injuries and expenses you incurred as a result of bed bugs.

Louisiana Bed Bug Lawyer

If you suffered financial harm or physical injury because of your landlord or hotel manager, you may be able to seek compensation.

This is very much dependent upon whether the liable party met normal standards of bed bug control, or knowingly placed you in an infested unit.

The amount of money you could receive in compensation will depend on your unique bed bug situation.

There are certain settlements that have gone over $100,000 dollars for bed bug victims.

Click here for more information about the average bed bug settlement in 2019.

Here are a few different factors that will impact the value of your potential bed bug compensations


  • Medical expenses (medication, hospital visits, etc.)
  • Cost of a ruined vacation
  • Lost wages (from time forced to take off work)
  • Damaged or lost belongings


  • Pain & suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Number of bites
  • Degree of physical injury

Do not wait to contact a lawyer about your bed bug experience. You risk the Statute of Limitations which would inhibit you from filing a lawsuit.

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Louisiana Bed Bug Laws

Property owners in Louisiana are tied to the implied warranty of habitability. This means that they have a responsibility to provide their tenants and guests with a safe and healthy environment.

Since bed bugs are widely considered as a public health hazard, an infestation can be considered in violation of this doctrine.

Therefore, property owners in hotels and apartments could be held liable for knowingly putting people in rooms that are infested with bed bugs.

According to the Louisiana Bed Bug Task Force, hotel management has a duty to respond in a certain manner when guests report an infestation.

Hotel owners should have a plan in place to address bed bug infestations and train staff accordingly.

Hotel Responsibilities

Once a suspected infestation is reported.

The following steps should be taken:

  1. Immediately move the guest to a new room.
  2. Provide the guests with information to learn about bed bugs.
  3. Bring in a certified pest management company to treat the infestation.
  4. Shut down the room until pest control considers it bed bug-free.

If any of the above actions are not taken, and you feel management did a poor job in addressing an infestation…

You should get connected with a lawyer immediately. You will receive a no-risk free consultation, and there are no fees unless you win your case.

Does Louisiana Have Bed Bugs

The answer is Yes.

Unfortunately, Louisiana does have a bed bug problem.

With reported cases in all 50 states, no state is immune to an infestation.

Bed bugs have been around for millions of years, and in fact, there are studies that have shown bed bugs were around with the dinosaurs.

Though we managed to fully eradicate bed bugs in the 1950s

Since then bed bugs have made a comeback, with thousands of infestations across the country.

So How Bad are Bed Bugs in Louisiana?

With cities like New Orleans, that attract large amounts of tourism and foot traffic…

This state has been in a losing fight with these pests for years.

Therefore, it’s important to be knowledgeable about bed bugs, which include how to check for bed bugs and how to get rid of them.

How Common are Bed Bugs in Louisiana?

Bed bugs are unfortunately growing more and more common.

These days around 1 in 5 Americans will have either personally experienced or know someone that has experienced bed bugs in their lifetime.

And pest control specialists can attest to this…

99.6% of all exterminators have dealt with bed bugs in the past year (according to the National Pest Management Association).

Another striking statistic is that:

95% of bed bug cases are found in apartments and condominiums.

This is because bed bugs can travel through walls, so if your neighbors have bed bugs, it’s pretty likely you will get them as well.

Though bed bugs are not typically seasonal…

They do thrive in warmer climates.

This is why the warmer states in the south, such as Louisiana, have been hit especially hard by these pests.

Below is a video of a news report surrounding bed bugs at an apartment complex.

Bed Bugs in Louisiana Hotels

Many of Louisiana’s biggest hotels have had incidents of bed bugs at one time or another. Most of the cases do not get reported because they’re settled internally.

Here is an example of a notable bed bug case:

Cambria Hotel New Orleans Downtown (February 2017)

A recently married couple decided to travel to New Orleans for a long weekend getaway. They booked a suite at the Cambria hotel and had a very enjoyable first couple of days. At about 5 am on the 3rd day, the couple woke up with multiple bites on their stomach and back. In total they had about 25 bites, and the wife suffered an allergic reaction which required them to go to the emergency room.

They reported the incident to the hotel, who told them they would address the situation accordingly. After a lot of back and forth, the couple was not satisfied with the hotel’s actions, and decided to sue for damages.

They ended up recovering over $50,000 in damages related to medical bills, pain & suffering, physical injury, as well as the cost of their ruined vacation.

Other Notable Hotels Include:

  • Courtyard by Marriott Lafayette South
  • Nottoway Resort
  • Hotel Monteleone
  • The Roosevelt New Orleans
  • Best Western Plus Ruston Hotel

Bed Bug Attorney in Louisiana

If you suffered physical injuries or financial losses due to a bed bug infestation, you may be eligible for compensation. Get connected with a licensed bed bug lawyer, who can walk you through next steps and help determine whether you have a case. Get in touch today for your FREE consultation. You pay $0 dollars unless you win your case.