Kanas is a state in the Midwest, known for being a productive agricultural hub. It’s one of the lesser populated states compared to its size, with a total population of just under 3 million.

Other than a few of its major cities such as Wichita, Overland Park, and Kansas City, this state is not very dense…

With an estimated 25 people per square mile on average.

Kansas is known as a tourist state full of outdoor attractions. This state is a hub for hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping.

Nearly 90% of Kansas’ land is devoted to agriculture, totaling around 60,000 farms.

Though much of the state’s citizens and tourists spend their time outdoors…

This state struggles with a particular pest that terrorizes its victims indoors.

That pest is the bed bug.

Kansas Bed Bugs

With bed bug cases rising nationwide, no state is immune to an infestation.

Bed bugs in Kansas are commonly found in the following locations:

  1. Hotels
  2. Airbnb’s
  3. Apartment Complexes
  4. Movie Theaters
  5. Public Transit
  6. Hospitals
  7. Schools

Bed bugs are so common, it’s estimated that 1 in 5 Americans will either personally experience bed bugs, or know someone that has experienced bed bugs in their lifetimes.

Luckily, if you suffered from these insects in your hotel room or apartment…

You do have options.

Get a Bed Bug Lawyer in Kansas

Traveling or moving to a new home can unknowingly expose you and your family to bed bugs. Property owners are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for their tenants and guests.

If you were significantly injured due to the negligence of another party, you may be entitled to compensation.

Click here for more information about the average value of a bed bug lawsuit. 

The amount of money you could receive depends on a variety of factors.

These include:

The Number of Bites: If you and your loved ones have collectively experienced over 50 bites, this could boost the value of your compensation.

Emotional Trauma: Whether a bed bug infestation caused you significant pain & suffering, that led to long term psychological damage.

Lost Wages: Lost income due to time off work (while focusing on recovery, bed bug treatment etc.)

Lost Belongings: Any items that were damaged or that you had to discard because they were infested with bed bugs.

If you believe you experienced losses as a result of bed bugs, you should get connected with a lawyer today.

Get your FREE consultation. There are no fees unless you win your case.

Kansas Bed Bug Laws

In Kansas, there are no specific laws that regulate or dictate responsibility for bed bugs in apartment complexes or rental properties.

On the other hand, there are laws in place that protect guests of hotels and other temporary lodging.

In Kansas, bed bugs have been classified as…

An “imminent health hazard”.

This can be found in the following language within article 27 of Kansas lodging establishments.

K.A.R 4-27-1

f) “Imminent health hazard” shall mean fire, flood, sewage backup, rodent infestation, bed bug or other insect infestation, misuse of poisonous or toxic materials, gross unsanitary occurrence or condition, or any other condition that could endanger the health or safety of guests, employees, or the general public.

Because of this, hotels are required to close down areas where known bed bug infestations exist, and must notify the proper channels within 12 hours of initial discovery.

What Are Hotels Responsible For?

Kansas hotels also have the duty to periodically inspect their rooms for health hazards including bed bugs.

Failure to do so can make the hotel liable.

Property owners and managers should also provide proper training programs for their staff when it comes to the identification, prevention, and treatment of pests like bed bugs.

This education includes:

  • How to identify bed bugs over other similar insects.
  • The best methods to keep rooms clean and free of bed bugs.
  • What to do when you suspect a bed bug infestation.

If staff fails to property treat or report a known bed bug infestation, the hotel or apartment complex could be liable for their victims’ injuries and losses.

Landlord vs. Tenant Responsibility

Though there aren’t specific laws in place that delegates the responsibility of bed bugs toward the tenant or the owner…

In the end somebody is responsible.

Much of the financial responsibility has to do with the following questions:

Where was the origin of the infestation?

Did the infestation exist prior to the tenant moving in?

Is the location a multi-unit apartment complex? If so, are other tenants experiencing infestations?

In the end, the responsible party may have to carry the burden of the expenses. This could include the cost of professional treatment, cost of the inspection, and the cost of replacing damaged items.

Kansas Bed Bug Registry

For complaint forums or information about which residential buildings in Kansas have been infested, you can check out bedbugreports.com or Trip Advisor.

Here are a couple of examples of bed bug complaints in Kansas:

Westin Kansas City at Crown Center

BEWARE – DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL! I booked this hotel for an 8 night stay while I was attending the Cerner Conference 2017, and it was a nightmare! My original room (1504) had a beg bug infestation (positive confirmation by hotel management). I immediately reported the suspected infestation to the hotel management upon waking up to horrifying bites and itching all over my body on the 4th day of my stay. (At the time of writing this, I have ~20 bites on my body). After being moved to another room across the hall (1524), I attempted…

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316 Hotel

We booked this hotel upon news of a family medical emergency and our family member was at Via Christi St. Francis hospital. It was within walking distance to the hospital. After the first night stay my sister woke up with a bite on her face. By the end of our stay she had multiple bites on her face, neck and extremities. We noticed there were…

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Kansas Bed Bug Exterminators

Here are a few of the top local exterminators and bed bug specialists in Kansas:

Wichita Bed Bug Exterminator – Affordable & Eco-Friendly

Kansas Bed Bugs LLC – Consistent Promotions, Heat Treatment

Patton Termite & Pest – Serves a Wide Geographic Area

Bed Bug Lawyer in Kansas

If you or a loved one has been injured by bed bugs in Kansas, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Get in touch with a lawyer for your free consultation. No fees unless you win your case.