Bed Bugs don’t just ravage the U.S. and Canada.

Across the pond, these nasty creatures are becoming even more of a problem.

Crowded London, Manchester, and Leeds are bed bug hot spots.

According to Panther Pest Control, the U.K. and Europe have an entirely different species of bed bug to fear.

The Cimex lectularius lurk in mattresses and sheets. They can be brought into homes through clothing, used goods, and even underneath doors and through walls. They are one of the most indestructible insects on planet earth.

So of course they exist in the U.K…

Did you know that after WWII over 30% of British households were infested with bed bugs?

It’s true – this could be the origin of the pest in the U.K.

God save the beds!

Bed Bug Lawyer UK

In 2017, The Sun released an article stating that bed bugs have tripled in number in the U.K. They’re also chemical resistant, so they sometimes can’t be taken care of by exterminators.

If you are dealing with these nearly-indestructible bugs in a flat or home you rent – you may have a case against your landlord.

Bed Bug Lawyers can help you navigate a lawsuit against whoever owns the infested property.

Damages from bed bugs can include anything from ruined property to skin irritation and infection.

If you are staying in a hotel you still have a case. Bed bugs can transfer into your clothing and luggage. You can even transport them to other parts of the hotel and infect other guests.

The liabilities in shared spaces are astronomical.

We can connect you with a licensed attorney that will do everything they can for your case. You don’t have to go through all of the research and reading, investigating and complaints.

We take care of everything.

Because nobody should deal with these things alone.

The first things you should do if you think you have a case against your landlord or hotel are:

1. Take photos and videos.

The more photographic or “hard” evidence that you have of the infestation, the better case you’ll have. This will increase the chances of success in court.

2. Alert your landlord or hotel staff immediately.

Document the time and day of your call so it can be confirmed and reported later in proceedings.

3. Seek medical attention.

You must have your skin looked at if you discover bed bugs around you. They attach to the body to search for blood, and can deposit bacteria that create infections.

These expenses may later be recouped in your settlement.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

There are a few ways bed bugs spread, but the most common ones include:

1. Through their Eggs.

Bed bugs lay 5 to 7 eggs per week and if infestations aren’t controlled these babies can grow quickly and almost infinitely.

2. Through Walls.

3. Through Crawling.

Did you know that bed bugs don’t have wings? This is a VERY good thing. If they did, everyone would be in deep trouble. They have to crawl everywhere they go.

Some of the best defenses can be keeping your home nicely insulated and watching for cracks under doors to make sure you don’t welcome bugs.

4. Through Fabric.

Whenever you buy something from a second-hand store, you have to wash it immediately. Not only can bed bugs live in your clothing, lice can be spread that way too.

Through Sheer Randomness.

The scariest part about bed bugs is that sometimes they appear out of nowhere. The minute you notice something that even resembles a bed bug you should call a local exterminator before it gets too out of control.

Better safe than sorry.

Can You Sue For Bed Bugs in the U.K.

Absolutely. Bed bug lawsuits are available in most countries as a prosecutable offense. If you are injured, infested with indoor pests, your property is destroyed, or you are forced to leave your home due to bed bugs…

You may have a case.

Likewise, if you are staying in a hotel and have been affected by bed bugs you can sue the hotel for damages. We are experts in how all of these intricate lawsuits go.

Luckily we can get you a free consultation, and you don’t pay a penny until we win our case.

(Though a small commission is taken to keep the lights on)!

There is a concept in hotels called “premises liability,” where the hotel or hotel chain is responsible for a certain number of things to maintain good hygiene, business status, and guest well-being.

Making sure rooms are tidy and bed-bug-free is part of premises liability. If those suckers attach to you and move out into the world and an infestation can be tracked back to a certain hotel, you are entitled to sue for compensation.

Make sure you have a clear paper trail of the dates you spent in the hotel, what room number you were in, and the medical exam after your stay.

Again, more evidence = better chance for compensation.

Arranging Your Bed Bug Lawsuit Settlement

The average settlement of a bed bug lawsuit ranges depending on the size and scope of the infestation. Truly the award amount can’t be predicted. You could win anywhere from $40k to $1M and beyond.

If your case is major enough you can hit the millions fairly easily. If your case is local to a home or a single hotel room it may not be as significant.

Regardless, we can walk you through the process and potential settlement you can receive.

Can You Get Bed Bugs in The U.K.

You can 100 percent get bugs in the UK. England is not immune to these sneaky bloodsuckers. Fantastic Pest Control says that most bed bugs come from items from car-boot sales or flea markets. The word flea is not used lightly.

Some items have been known to carry the bloodsuckers from home to home. The tips above should help you identify, deal with, and take action on bed bugs.

Bed bugs are most likely to be found in major metro areas like Manchester, London, and Leeds.

Check out the below video by JG pest control that depicts a severe bed bug infestation in London.

Most likely, bed bugs can spread quickly because of the larger population density. The more people packed into a city, the more opportunities bed bugs have to travel between hosts and households.

Hotels are more densely packed into city blocks too so it is more than likely that bed bugs can be passed between bedlinen, guests, and visitors to create unsafe environments.

Are Bed Bugs in The U.K.?

In 2018 the U.K. suffered a bed bug invasion that shot up reported cases year over year. Specialists cite social stigma as a reason that bed bugs spread.

Some people don’t feel comfortable telling anyone out of fear that they will be called “unclean”.

The reality of bed bugs is that they can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t mean you’re unclean or aren’t taking care of your home.

One of the top bed bug specialists says that over 5% of hotels are infested with bed bugs and they are cleaned by professionals every day.

You see, bed bugs are resilient creatures that can cross any ocean to hit any place and create chaos. It’s not just you.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you need help. We know you didn’t want bed bugs in your home. We know it probably wasn’t your fault either.

Get in touch for your free consultation today!

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