Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of America, with a population of just over 4 million people.

Oregon’s economy is powered by the outdoors.

With diverse landscapes that support various types of farming and agriculture, this state produces everything from poultry to blueberries.

The state also has a thriving tourism economy, centered around its mountains, forests, waterfalls, beaches, and lakes.

Oregon is also home to some man-made attractions such as the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and the Portland Art Museum.

Though some of the major cities in Oregon like Portland, Salem, and Eugene, are thriving in many ways, they are not without their problems.

A major epidemic these cities are facing is the bed bug, with infestations rising in all areas across the state.

Bed Bugs Oregon

In Oregon, bed bugs are commonly found in:

  • Hotels
  • Airbnb’s
  • Motels
  • Apartment buildings
  • Public Transit

Though bed bug populations dropped dramatically in the mid-1900s.

(Due to the widespread use of DDT)

Bed bugs are back.

(with a vengeance).

Luckily, if you experienced bed bugs in your hotel room, apartment, or another location, you do have options.

Oregon Bed Bug Lawyer

Discovering a bed bug infestation can be a nightmare.

Not only can they cause serious injury, but they can be a major financial burden as well.

Depending on certain conditions, a property owner may be held liable for damages due to your bed bug experience.

Property owners have a duty to deliver you with a habitable environment that meets certain requirements of living.

And a bed bug infestation may be in breach of this duty.

The statute that enforces this duty is called the implied warranty of habitability.

Once you suspect an infestation is present, you should get in touch with an attorney immediately to discuss your options.

The level of your potential payout will depend on a variety of factors.

These include:

Monetary Damages

  • Damaged Belongings – This involves any clothes, bags, or other items that were damaged or had to be thrown out due to bed bugs.
  • Medical Costs – Whether you visited the ER, or had to purchase medication for your injuries.
  • Cost of Ruined Vacation – If your travels or vacation were cut short due to an infestation and you had costs associated with a shortened trip.

Non-Monetary Damages

  • Number of Bites – If you or your family/friends experienced a significant number of bites, this could boost the value of your potential compensation.
  • Physical Symptoms – If you experienced strong or adverse symptoms from your bed bug bites that led to more serious health problems.
  • Pain & Suffering – Whether you experienced anxiety, disturbed sleep, depression, or significant emotional trauma due to the infestation.

When you get connected with a licensed personal injury and bed bug lawyer, he/she will discuss your unique situation in detail and help determine the next steps.

(Including whether you’re eligible for a payout).

Oregon Bed Bug Laws

In Oregon, there is no statewide mandate requiring landlords and hotel owners to disclose a bed bug infestation.

Another unfortunate problem…

Is that there is no state-wide requirement for property owners to keep their facilities free of bed bugs either.

Some states (such as Illinois and New York) have tighter regulations when it comes to bed bugs.

In fact:

Oregon doesn’t mandate the remediation of bed bugs anywhere except campgrounds and does not prohibit owners from renting out rooms that are knowingly infested with bed bugs.

Though on the state level, there is no regulation that protects tenants and hotel guests…

There are laws on the local level.

For example:

In Portland or Gresham: If you live in a multi-unit apartment complex that is infested, your landlord is likely responsible for the cost of pest control. 8.20.130 Charter Code and Policies

There are instances where the landlord is always responsible for paying for treatment.

(especially if bed bugs have infested common spaces).

Since the laws differ in cities around Oregon, it’s critical that you speak to a lawyer about your unique case.

In the meantime, you should report the infestation to property owners immediately once you discover an infestation.

If you don’t receive a timely response…

(within 48 hours).

You should consider sending over a demand letter.

Oregon Landlord-Tenant Law Pest Control

Some landlords may attempt to charge the tenant for the cost of a bed bug treatment.

In this case, the landlord will have to prove that you as the tenant, were the root cause of the infestation.

(Which is very hard to prove).

Because local tenant vs. landlord ordinances look at neighboring infestations as well…

You should get in touch with your neighbors to see if they’re also infested.

These insects are only about ¼ inch long with flat bodies, so they are known to travel through walls and infest neighboring units.

Click here for more information on what to do if you believe your neighbor gave you bed bugs.

If your landlord tries to bill you for treatment…

Or threatens to evict you if you don’t pay….

You need to talk to a lawyer immediately before you respond.

Though the state doesn’t require landlords to disclose prior bed bug infestations, this does not mean local requirements are the same.

An experienced attorney in Oregon can help you navigate the complicated laws and regulations surrounding pests and health hazards in your apartment, single-family home, or hotel room.

Are Bed Bugs Common in Oregon?

Unfortunately, bed bugs are quite common in the state of Oregon, along with the rest of the country.

With reported infestations across all 50 states, no one state or city is immune to these creatures.

In fact, within Oregon over 90% of exterminators have had experiences with bed bugs in the past year. Based on a recent survey (source: oregon.gov).

According to the National Pest Management Association:

Close to 95% of nationwide cases occur in condominiums and apartments. With the next closest locations being single-family homes, and then motels/hotels.

Oregon also experiences a more stable climate, with warm summers and frequent overcast and cloudy skies.

This type of weather is conducive to bed bugs and their survival.

These creatures can’t typically survive temperatures of either extreme. This is one of the main reasons why heat treatments are so popular for bed bug control.

Bed Bug Details & Facts

The common bed bug (Cimex Lectularis) is a parasite that feeds on the blood of humans.

These are pests that prefer the indoors…

But can be found in many different places.

Due to the shape of their bodies and their preference for hiding undisturbed, infestations can exist in hard to see places.

This is one of the reasons why bed bugs are so hard to identify – Let alone kill.

Understanding where bed bugs hide, and how to check for them is important especially when spending the night in a new residence.

Being nocturnal, bed bugs are most active at night.

They aim to bite areas of the skin that are exposed, such as the face, neck, arms, or feet.

Generally, their bites are not painful, but they can cause significant irritation depending on the person. Their bites often get mistaken for a rash, or bites from other insects, so it’s key that you diagnose your bites correctly.

Oregon Bed Bug Attorney

If you or a loved one have suffered injury or financial loss due to bed bugs, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Property owners can be held liable for damages, so the first step is to speak with an attorney to seek justice. Give us a call today at (855) 733-9217 for your free consultation. There are absolutely no fees unless you win your case.

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