Bed Bugs in Canada

Are you up north and dealing with a pesky bed bug infestation? Don’t worry we have all of the resources you could ever need. Keep scrolling for information on ways to handle your bed bugs, legal avenues you can take with landlords, the likelihood that bed bugs can get you in Canada, and more. 

According to pest control company, Orkin these are the most active parts of Canada in terms of bed bugs:

 Bed Bug Lawyers in Canada

Bed bugs are infiltrating most major cities in Canada’s provinces. Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Halifax are just a few of the cities getting hit hard. Major metropolitan areas can be affected by bed bugs at any time in the year. You may think that Canada’s frigid temperatures could kill them off, but these bugs are just as resilient as cockroaches. Eek! 

If you get into a dispute about bed bugs with a landlord, you definitely have options. Here are just a few things you may be able to build a bed bug case out of:

Loss of $: If you lose wages, property, or even your entire home because of bed bugs, you are entitled to compensation! Bed bug legalities are ever-changing, but there’s a good chance that you can recoup your damages and then some.

Mental Health Repercussions: If you suffer psychological trauma from bed bugs – phantom itching, bites, skin conditions, or even panic attacks we can help you. The mental health deterioration you may be feeling from bed bugs is valid and real. You may even start thinking that you live in a dirty home. You don’t! Bed bugs can exist in any environment. 

Property Damage: Bed bugs obviously ruin your bed, bedding, and possibly your bed frame but simply having them in your apartment can lead to infestations in your couch cushions, pillows, and even your carpet. You definitely don’t want that, but if it reaches that point you probably aren’t on the hook for those expenses. If the landlord tries to push you into paying for damages, you need a bed bug lawyer.

Bed Bug Laws in Canada

 Bed bugs cause problems for everyone. Landlords and tenants have rights regarding infestations and how they’re taken care of. The problem of bed bugs is pretty recent in the land of the North. 

In many places, the cases have to be extremely specific in fault or properties have to have a concrete history of bedbugs to rule in favor of the tenant. It is often more plausible in Canada to work on the problem between tenant and landlord specifically before moving into legal avenues.

 What Are Bed Bugs?

We all vaguely know what these disgusting critters are, but they are much worse than you think. Bed bugs can go years without being detected. 

They burrow inside of your mattress and are extremely hard to detect. They leave droppings and bits of blood around (they suck it out of their human targets) your bed. And they’re pretty much one of the most irritating things to happen in an apartment. 

Average Value of a Bed Bug Lawsuit

The average values of bed bug lawsuits can be anywhere from $50,000 to $300,000 on average.

There are a variety of factors that determine these values including how many bed bugs you have, the size of the infestation, any medical repercussions, or even the relationship you have with your landlord and their previous behavior to tenants.

Can You Sue For Bed Bugs in Canada?

Most definitely! Suing for negligence on the part of a landlord. Landlords can also sue tenants for bringing bedbugs into the property or facilitating an infestation through neglect. We can help you get the most out of your case.

Do Bed Bugs Live in Canada?

Unfortunately, bed bugs can live almost anywhere. Canada’s issues are relatively new though. Most major cities in a cooler climate experience bed bugs during warmer seasons. Since the early 2000s, Canada has had a boom in bed bugs. 

People in larger cities like Toronto and Vancouver can expect a higher rate of bed bug infestations. Toronto is the worst place in Canada for bed bugs so if you are there make sure you’re learning about them and act on them as soon as possible.

The Bed Bug Epidemic

Bed bugs are turning into a worldwide problem. According to the National Pest Management Association, 97 percent of people who work in the pest control industry have dealt with bed bugs. 

Their national survey also states that bed bugs can be confused for other pests so they’re not always detected on the first try. “Bed bugs continue to infest virtually anywhere humans congregate, making vigilance key to curbing bed bug infestations, especially as the summer travel season kicks into gear,” said Cindy Mannes, vice president of public affairs for NPMA. 

The association says that most bed bug infestations occur in the summer so watch out during those times in Canada where you have unusually warm weather.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hang Out?

We have a definitive guide to finding bed bugs in your home, hotel, or even an Airbnb. The most shocking thing you can find when looking for bed bugs is their feces. It’s a tell-tale sign that you have these critters lurking around.

Here’s the long and short of it: 

If you feel itchy don’t freak out. You might just have an issue with your sheets, detergent, etc. If you have a fear of bed bugs it’s actually really common to feel like you’re itching once you start thinking about it. Check the surface of your mattress and especially the sides of your box spring just in case.

Color is everything. If you think you have bed bugs you’ll see droppings, but they’re not a traditional or obvious mark or dropping. The color won’t be brown, it’ll be red. This is a gross fact but bed bugs feast on your blood so they are ultimately going to leave rust-colored droppings that often appear like an ink drop or streak. 


Check the sides of your bed and your box spring. If you’re just checking the surface of your bed you probably won’t find anything. Bed bugs burrow. They love being on the sides of your bed and even in the corners of your box spring. Don’t judge the infestation by the surface. 

If you have bites, see a doctor. Did you know that doctors can identify if you have bed bug bites or not? If you don’t have success with the identifiers above but have physical signs and symptoms the ER or your family doctor is the next best way to find out if you have bed bugs. Don’t count out any symptoms. Bed bug infestations can lead to serious skin conditions so don’t dilly dally.

Black dots are not your friend. Like we mentioned above, bed bug poop is one of the easiest ways to determine if you have them. If you see a cluster of black dots in the corner of your mattress where there can be a high concentration of bed bugs burrowing inside your bed.

How Do I Know if I Have Bed Bugs? 

Every single case of bed bugs is different. You may not notice that you have them for months, or you may notice them as soon as they invade your bed. The best way to find out if you really have bed bugs is to call a pest professional at the very first sign. If you’re struggling to figure out what to do after you detect the bed bugs, we can help for sure. 

These are three signs you have bed bugs: 

  1. Red or rust-colored droppings that often smear
  2. Dark patches on the sides of your bed or box spring
  3. Repeated multi-night itching and scratching with bites

If you have visible bites a doctor may be able to identify the bug that made them, whether you’re mistaking them for mosquito or spider bites, bed bug bites are often a little easier to identify. 

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If you need any help with bed bugs, dealing with a landlord, hotel, or Airbnb we’ve got your back. The legalities of bed bug infestations can become extremely complicated but we know your legal avenues. Bed bugs aren’t the end of the world, so don’t worry! 

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