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The city of Richmond is the capital of Virginia, and has a population of around 230,000.

It is the 4th biggest city in the state, and has a notably growing economy that is driven by law, finance, and government.

Richmond has made great strides in creating a vast cultural and educational heritage, that traces back historically to early English settlers.

As a growing tourism hub, Richmond is among a handful of mid-sized cities that contains museums, theater companies, art galleries, and first-class universities.

So for the 5 million people that visit each year, Richmond is an enjoyable experience.

Though some people have had to deal with a growing problem in Richmond…

This problem being bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Richmond VA

Now considered an epidemic, Richmond has faced a growing number of reported infestations in the past decade.

In fact…

According to Orkin’s list of top bed bug cities, Richmond barely slips out of the top 20, and stands at number 21.

Those who experience bed bugs in Richmond, typically come across this nightmare in the following places:

  • Hotels
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Nursing Homes
  • Schools
  • Public Transit

If you were the unlucky victim of bed bugs…

Luckily, you do have options.

Richmond Bed Bug Lawyer

If you have been personally harmed by a bed bug infestation, you may be eligible for compensation from a negligent innkeeper or landlord in Richmond.

We can connect you with experienced personal injury lawyers that specialize in bed bug cases. An attorney can talk through you unique situation to determine whether you have a case for a lawsuit.

With decades of experience…

You can be sure that your lawyer will do everything in their power to fight for compensation. Your legal team will use their knowledge of the Richmond health and safety codes to leverage property owners that are at-fault.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the value of your compensation.

These include:

  • Your degree of physical injury.
  • The number of bites you experienced .
  • Whether you experienced any serious health issues.
  • Your expenses.
  • Your damaged or lost belongings due to bed bugs.

Get started by requesting a FREE consultation with a bed bug lawyer. There are no fees unless you win your case.

Richmond Bed Bug Laws

In Richmond, and the entire state of Virginia, property owners are required to follow certain building codes that could affect the health and safety of its residents.

A property owner must comply with the following:

  • Maintain a safe and habitable environment for residents (tenants or customers).
  • Remove any health hazard such as dangerous pests.
  • He/She cannot bill you prematurely for any bed bug related expenses.

When it comes to landlords vs. tenants, in determining financial responsibility…

Tenants have obligations as well.

These include:

  • Keeping (to the best that you can) the premises free of insects and other pests.
  • Promptly notifying the landlord or property management IMMEDIATELY following discovery of the infestation.
  • Complying with all obligations in accordance with Richmond building and housing codes.

If the tenant fails to cooperate with a scheduled bed bug inspection or treatment session, or fails to comply with city codes, he/she could be liable for any and all expenses.

Bed Bugs Richmond VA Hotels

Hotels in Richmond VA can be infested with bed bugs. It doesn’t make a difference whether it’s a 5-star hotel or a run-down motel, no place is immune to an infestation.

Some examples of hotels include:

  • The Jefferson Hotel
  • Graduate Richmond
  • Omni Richmond Hotel
  • Quirk Hotel Richmond

If you experienced bed bugs in any of the above hotels or another hotel in Richmond…

It’s critical you know what to do next.

Step 1:  Take pictures of the bites on your body, wherever they may exist. You should also photograph any blood stains on sheets, or any other evidence of the presence of an infestation.

Step 2: Try and trap a live bed bug (in a cup or jar)

Step 3: Report the infestation. Make sure to notify hotel management immediately and be sure to document the conversation in writing.

Step 4: Treat your injuries or seek medical attention if necessary.

Step 5: Get in touch with a lawyer to discuss your options.

In the meantime, if management is not responding to you in an appropriate manner, think about sending a bed bug demand letter to state your case.

Hotel Bed Bug Complaints

Below are a couple examples of victims’ bed bug experiences at Richmond hotels.

Hilton Richmond Hotel & Spa

(Source: TripAdvisor)

I normally stay at this hotel because it is usually nice and comfortable. Unfortunately, on my last stay I was attacked by bedbugs, I was working late at night in the bed and some movement caught my attention, I found at least 3 bugs moving around at least 2 had already sucked my blood. I trapped the ones I found and called the front desk. Read the rest of the review here.

Omni Richmond Hotel

Source: BedBugRegistry

I stayed at the Omni hotel last year with my wife. We live in Arlington, VA and decided to drive to Richmond for a little weekend vacation. After our second night we woke up with about 5 – 10 bites each. We reported the infestation to the hotel who apologized and moved us to a different room. We thought that would be the end but we ended up bringing the bed bugs home and have no infested our children and contaminated our furniture. BE AWARE of staying at this hotel.

The below video talks about a case of bed bugs that broke out at a Richmond elementary school.

Richmond Bed Bug Exterminators

Below are a couple of notable bed bug and pest control specialists in the greater Richmond area: 

All American Bed Bug Control: 5 Star Rating, Multiple Customer Reviews

Mitchell Pest Services: Free Inspection, Serves Multiple Locations

RVA Pest Elimination: 10% Discount Coupon, Satisfaction Guarantee

Bed Bug Treatment Richmond

There are multiple ways to treat and remove a bed bug infestation. The first step is to properly identify that your pest infestation is in fact bed bugs, and try and assess the degree of the infestation.

Once you those things are determined…

You can explore any of the following treatment methods.

1. DIY Treatment:

This includes bed bug treatment options with home remedies such as rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil, or diatomaceous earth.

Pros: Great for mild infestations, inexpensive, minimal disruption to daily life

Cons: May require multiple treatments, may miss some bugs and leave chance of reoccurrence.

2. Conventional Treatment (Professional):

This involves hiring a professional pest control specialist to treat the infested areas with chemicals.

Pros: Cheaper professional method, discrete

Cons: May still require multiple treatments

3. Heat Treatment (Professional):

This involves specialists bringing industrial heating equipment to raise the temperature of your home to above 120 degrees F for multiple hours.

Pros: Great for severe infestations, only requires one treatment

Cons: Expensive, you must vacate the premises during treatment

The bed bug heat treatment is widely considered as the most effective method of eradicating a large scale infestation. 

What Exactly Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small parasites about the size of an apple seed. They bite the exposed skin of humans (usually while their asleep) and feed on their blood.

Symptoms usually result in skin irritation and unsavory welts on the body, and in rare cases bed bugs can transmit infectious disease.

Since infestations in Richmond have become severe…

These creatures have caused public health and economic issues for the city.

Bed bugs will typically hide in the following places:

  • Around the mattress or box spring.
  • Under furniture.
  • On baseboards or cracks within the walls.
  • Behind wall hangings.
  • Around the headboard.

Your risk of encountering bed bugs goes up when you visit places with high foot traffic and turnover of nighttime guests. These higher risk places include hotels, hospitals, or event spaces.

Bed Bug Attorney Richmond, VA

If you or a loved one were injured by a bed bug infestation, you may be able to receive compensation for your losses. Whether it was in a hotel, or apartment, you may hold a negligent party liable for your injuries and expenses. Get in touch for your free consultation, there are no fees unless you win your case.

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