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Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, and known for its year-round sun and very warm temperatures. In this city is a sprawling, metropolitan area that is commonly known as “the valley of the sun.” In this city you’ll find high-end spa resorts, gold courses, and lively night clubs.

There are many tourist highlights that include the Desert Botanical Garden, Cacti, and many plans only native to this area. All of these tourist attractions can bring a lot of foot traffic and tourists, which can lead to problems such as bd bug infestations.

Get Help From a Phoenix, Arizona Bed Bug Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered through a serious bed bug infestation, there are situations where you could be eligible for financial compensation.

Bed bugs are pests that can infest various places, doesn’t matter if it’s a luxury hotel, or a Super 8 motel, bed bugs don’t care where they take their victims.  Our bed bug experts have dedicated years to helping those that have fallen victim to bed bug infestations in Phoenix, and all over the state of Arizona.


Information About Bed Bugs You Should Know

There are a few simple things you need to know about bed bugs.

Bed bugs don’t typically carry disease or transmit serious problems like some insects do.

Though bed bug bites can still take a long term physical and emotional toll on your body.

Bed bugs have a saliva that acts as an anesthetic, or sort of a numbing agent. That way you don’t necessarily feel when bed bugs are in the act of feasting on you. 

Their saliva also has an anticoagulant which prevents your blood from clotting, allowing the bed bug to feed for up to ten minutes on your blood.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Typically bed bugs are a reddish brown color, flat bodied, and round. There are instances where they can crawl from different places but they don’t jump or fly like other similar insects

Once a bed bug has had a full meal, it can swell up to a measure of 5mm in size. These creatures can go a long time after a meal (sometimes months), which is why it’s hard to pinpoint the origin of the infestation.

How Do I Identify Bed Bugs?

Spotting bed bugs can be pretty simple, you just have to know where to look. Bed bugs typically prefer dark places that are damp and good for hiding.

If you’re looking to uncover an infestation it’s best to look in the following locations:

1) The mattress or box spring

2) Under furniture

3) Along baseboards

4) Behind wall hangings

5) Any dark corners or crevices

If you were unfortunate enough to wake up with bites on your body it’s best to locate whether bed bugs were the cause.

Common signals of a bed bug presence include cream colored eggs, small black specs that indicate droppings, sheets of fabric, bloodstains, blankets or cushions,

or of course…actual bed bugs.

Sue a Landlord for an Apartment Bed Bug Infestation in Phoenix

In what capacity are landlords responsible for bed bugs in Phoenix if the bugs were already present when you moved in?

It is the duty of all landlords in the state of Arizona to clean all units and homes properly before letting any tenants move in.

If a landlord fails to do so, and fails to withhold a clean and safe environment for their tenants, they will be in breach of Arizona law.

Sue a Hotel For Your Bed Bug Injuries

If you fell victim to bed bugs in your hotel room in Phoenix you may be entitled to financial compensation.

According to the law it is the responsibility of the hotel owner/manager to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of their guests.

The owner of the hotel is going to do their very best to prove that you as the guest brought in bed bugs, so it’s extremely important to take the following steps to build your bed bug case:

1) Take pictures of your injuries: It’s extremely important to document the physical injuries that you experienced from the hotel bed bug infestation. Try and take high resolution images of the bites wherever they exist (include the hotel background if possible).

2) Seek Medical Attention: Bed bug bites can be extremely irritating, and in rare cases can pose great health risks to your body. In order to get ahead of this, make sure to get your injuries treated by a healthcare professional. If your injury does not seem severe, feel free to treat yourself using the correct medication.

3) Gather Belongings – Any of your belongings in the hotel room should be assumed to be infested with bed bugs. Therefore you should bag and seal all clothes, suitcases, and shoes, that have potential to be infested with bed bugs.  Wash all of your clothes and make sure to dry on high heat.

4) File a Formal Complaint – Find a manager within the hotel that you can speak to. Make sure to serve your complaint in writing and get the name and contact information of the hotel employee that you conversed with.  They may not let you back into the room at this point so make sure that all of your belongings are accounted for.

5) Get a Lawyer – Get your free consultation to determine whether you have a case. Don’t wait to take advantage of your opportunity for financial compensation. No fees unless you win your case

Arizona Bed Bug Laws and Regulation

If you’re a renter in the Phoenix or Tucson area, you’ll be content with the bed bug laws that currently exist in Arizona.

If you suspect that there are bed bugs in a building you rent, the state of Arizona has specific steps you must understand.

Landlords are required to take these laws very seriously, or they risk being in violation.

Arizona’s bed bug law SB1306 requires that:

  • Landlords are forbidden from renting units with current and known bed bug infestations.
  • Landlords are required to give renters access to educational material surrounding all things bed bugs.
  • Landlords need to have a licensed pest-control specialist inspect and treat the home within seven days of being contacted by the renter.
  • Tenants must let their landlords know in writing within three days of discovering an infestation. (Note – If your landlord refuses to respond to you, consider sending him a bed bug demand letter)
  • Tenants can not bring any belongings into a unit with a known bed bug infestation.
  • Tenants will need to follow recommended protocols to eradicate bed bugs. Click here for common DIY methods related to bed bug removal.

If landlords fail to do their part to stop a bed bug problem, there could be severe legal consequences.

What Compensation Can I Receive Through a Bed Bug Lawsuit?

If you were recently affected by bed bugs the first thing you’ll be wondering is how much compensation can I receive for the pain/suffering, and monetary losses you experienced as a result of being bitten.

After experiencing an infestation, you may be eligible to receive compensation for any of the following:

  • Physical injuries
  • Emotional or mental suffering (disturbed sleep, anxiety, depression)
  • Lost wages (due to time off work)
  • Medical bills
  • Damaged or lost belongings

Examples of previous Bed Bug lawsuit settlements

  • $100,000 – The victims rented a room at an Arizona hotel without knowing that it was infested with bed bugs. They suffered over 45 bites in total.
  • $550,000 – A family moving into an apartment was exposed to a bed bug infestation. Exposure from this infestation included an allergic reaction and severe emotional distress.
  • $6 million – A total of 10 current residents filed suit again the owners of an apartment complex. The infestation resulted in countless bites and varying degrees of harm to all of the residents.

Click here for the average value of a bed bug lawsuit in 2019.

The amount of compensation has to do with the severity of the injuries, the physical/emotional distress that was sustained, and any monetary losses that you experienced as a result.

For more information about how the above could affect settlement compensation, Get your free consultation today.  

How to Ensure You don’t fall Victim to Bed Bugs in the Future

Dealing with a bed bug infestation can be a nightmare. The physical and emotional toll it takes on your body, along with the total disruption of life can cause lasting effects for years. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary precaution to ensure you don’t fall victim to the bed bug ever again.

The key is inspection. Anytime you stay in a new hotel room or move into a new apartment, it is important to thoroughly inspect the area for bed bugs before you settle in. Now because bed bugs are hard to find, you’ll want to look in dark areas, corners of the room, and around the mattress for any signs of bed bugs.

These problems can happen again so don’t take unnecessary risk! At any point, if you find yourself victim to bed bugs feel free to contact us anytime for help.

Click here to submit your case information and move forward with your bed bug inquiry.

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