Actress Sues Princess Cruise Lines

Actress Connie Flores Sues Princess Cruise Lines for Bed Bug Injury

In a lawsuit against Princess Cruise Lines, Netflix actress Connie Flores and her husband Alvin Flores claim to have been massacred by bed bugs during their stay on the ship in 2018.

The couple had been on a trip over Thanksgiving weekend to celebrate their anniversary. After the first night, they realized their bedding was covered in bed bugs, and Mrs. Flores had to be hospitalized as a result.

They sustained an inordinate amount of bed bug bites and developed severe skin rashes. Their clothing and property were also damaged.

Connie and Alvin notified the cruise ship’s medical staff as soon as they discovered the infestation and requested to switch rooms.

Not only was Their request was denied, but the two even faced ridicule for their injuries.

Princess Cruise Lines spokesperson claims that the ship employees found no traces of bed bugs in Connie’s room. They highlighted that Princess Cruise follows stringent sanitation and health guidelines and has highly trained staff who know how to identify and deal with bed bug infestations.

Connie and her husband are seeking a jury trial and requesting at least $75,000 in damages.

“This was a horrific experience, and no one should ever go through such pain and trauma. This ordeal has prompted us to become advocates and bring awareness to people who have been exposed to bed bugs.”

The couple shared footage of their experience, which shows pictures of bed bugs, along with the bites they experienced as a result.

Connie Flores is known for her small role in Noah Baumbach’s Oscar-nominated Marriage Story.

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