Myrtle Beach Resort Sued for Bed Bugs

Avista Resort in North Myrtle Beach Sued for Bed Bug Injury

Kassidy and Kenzie Elmore from North Carolina have filed a lawsuit against Avista Resort in North Myrtle Beach for sustaining bed bug injuries while they were at the hotel. The women, together with a young child, vacationed at the Avista Resort between August 1st and August 9th where they experienced bed bug bites.

According to the lawsuit, the resort should have known that there was a bed bug infestation as bed bugs were found in the carpeting, bedding, and mattress.

Avista Resort neither notified the guests of the infestation nor treated it accordingly.

The child had injuries that caused “significant pain and suffering” according to the suit. The family also contends they were caused significant emotional distress that will require ongoing therapy and psychiatric care.

Kassidy, Kenzie, and the child all sustained bed bug injuries that had to be treated by a medical professional. During the treatment, the two women lost wages as well and are seeking an undisclosed amount for the damages.

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To provide some background, bed bugs are insects that feed on human blood.

(Usually at night).

Bed bug bites can result in severe impacts, both physical and emotional. Common symptoms include skin rashes, unsightly bumps/welts, skin irritation, anxiety, depression, disturbed sleep, and social isolation.

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