Model Sues Hilton For Bed Bugs

Sabrina Jales St. Pierre is a Brazilian model who has appeared in advertising campaigns for a variety of products. Given her profession, it’s no surprise that she prides herself on her appearance.

Naturally, she was mortified to discover the large, red welts associated with bed bug bites all across her face and upper body after a night at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

In total, she suffered 90 separate bites.

St. Pierre continued to work while she was staying at the hotel, but was heavily affected by the visible bite marks. Her attorney said that she felt “embarrassed, ashamed and humiliated” by the blemishes.

The lawsuit is seeking damages from both Embassy Suites and Hilton, the parent company of the hotel. Embassy Suites management claimed to have conducted a sweep of all its rooms and found no traces of bed bugs.

The management of Hilton chose not to comment.

To date, a settlement has yet to be reached in the case.

The details of this case were reported in the LA Times on June 16th, 2018.

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