Man Sues East Liberty Hotel for Bed Bugs

After staying at the Hotel Indigo in East Liberty, Pennsylvania, Christopher Carlson returned to his home in Indianapolis to a disturbing sight.

All across his body were the itchy, red welts associated with bed bug bites.

Carlson filed a lawsuit against Hotel Indigo in February 2021, demanding compensation for “consequential economic and property damage” due to his injuries.

The lawsuit also alleges that Hotel Indigo has a long history of bed bug infestations, although there is no conclusive evidence supporting this. While Carlson’s complaint does not explain how he would know this, hotel management has yet to deny these allegations either.

Carlson had filed a complaint with management regarding the bed bugs, and explained in detail the various health risks that bed bugs pose. His lawsuit claims that Hotel Indigo failed to properly investigate the infestation, and that the hotel’s negligence was “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

To date, Hotel Indigo has yet to issue any statements regarding the lawsuit.

As this case is still relatively recent, there is no word on when a settlement will be reached.

The details of this case were reported by TribLive, a local news affiliate covering the Southwestern Pennsylvania region, on February 1st, 2021.

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