Singer Sues Arizona Hotel for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs seem to be an issue even in one of the most popular hotels – the Hilton Hotel. A famous opera singer, Alison Trainer woke up after spending a night in a Hilton Hotel to find herself riddled with over 150 bites all over her body.

These bites covered her arms, chest, neck, and face when staying at the Hilton Suites Phoenix, Arizona location. According to a report, she noticed the itching and blood on her sheets right away, but had no idea initially that bed bugs were the culprit.

The experience has left her afraid to fall asleep, and she has lost weight as well. The unpleasant experience led to a massive $6 million lawsuit, 1 million of which is for compensatory damages, and $5 million in punitive damages.

Despite the bites on her face, Trainer, continued to appear in the New York City Opera, the Phoenix Symphony, and in many other performance companies across the country.

While people questioned her ability to continue to work, her attorney responded with “she’s a professional.”

Hilton is a leading hospitality company, with 2,800 hotels and 485,000 rooms in more than 80 countries.

Click here for more information on bed bugs at Hilton hotels.

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