Family Forced to Visit ER Following Bed Bug Infestation

When the Grullon family went on vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, they had no idea how badly things would turn out for them.

Manuel Grullon, his family, and a close friend were staying at North Beach Resort and Villas when they encountered problems. Manuel, a self-described heavy sleeper, spent 2 nights tossing and turning…

By the 3rd day, he discovered bed bug bites all over his body. Manuel went to the emergency room and was treated with antibiotics: it isn’t known if anyone else in the family also had to be treated.

From there, things only continued to get worse. Grullon took a photo of the bed bugs on his mattress and showed it to hotel staff, who allegedly reacted with skepticism. It wasn’t until a maintenance worker confirmed the presence of bed bugs that the hotel apologized.

The Grullons were offered a free extended stay for their troubles, which they initially accepted. But every subsequent room they were given was either in a state of disrepair, already reserved, or also infested with bed bugs.

By the time the Grullons were offered a 5th room, they decided it wasn’t worth the emotional taxation and simply headed home. They filed a lawsuit not long afterward.

The family is seeking an unspecified amount in damages relating to “physical discomfort, emotional distress and economic losses.” They claim that North Beach Resort was negligent in its housekeeping and that the infestation should have been detected beforehand.

North Beach Resort and Villas has yet to issue a statement regarding the case.

The details of this case were reported by Myrtle Beach Online on December 2nd, 2020.

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