Courtyard Marriott in Casper Georgia

The Courtyard Marriott in Casper Sued for Bed Bugs

Frank Pascarelli from the CDC filed a federal lawsuit against the Courtyard Marriott in Casper after allegedly suffering from bed bug bites in his hotel room, which led to a serious infection called MRSA.

Pascarelli alleges that he was sleeping at the Courtyard Marriott in April 2012 when he discovered…

“an enormous amount of painful, itchy, burning bites” on his butt and right leg. In the lawsuit he alleges that he had taken a shower the night before and noticed no such marks on his skin.

After the hospital confirmed he had MRSA (a form of staph infection) the doctors believe it was as a direct result of the bed bug infestation he experienced at the Marriot.

Pascarelli had to undergo three surgeries to treat the infection, which incurred medical expenses of about $100,000. As per the lawsuit, he’ll need to treat MRSA for the rest of his life and is also at risk of retiring from the Air Force Reserve.

The suit alleges that the hotel owners failed to take necessary precautions and failed to implement reasonable safety inspects for pests and health hazards. He seeks compensation for his injuries and the loss of wages from his job at the CDC, which allegedly amount to $500,000.

In a statement to the star tribune, Pascarelli’s attorney emphasized the fact that bed bugs have been a “major health issue in the hospitality industry” for some time.


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