Comfort Inn & Suites Bed Bug Settlement

During the first night of their stay at the Comfort Inn & Suites in California, a family of 3 woke up to find several bed bug bites on their bodies.

Upon inspecting the room, the family found countless active bed bugs and blood stains on their sheets.

Upon notifying the hotel management, they changed the rooms but were still dealing with their injuries from the bed bug infested room.

The two parents had around 50 bites each, and the young son had around 30. Their asthmatic son developed a fever and had trouble breathing, leading to an immediate hospitalization. From the terrible irritation and sickness, the son scratched his bites leading to bleeding, and open wounds on his body.

It’s likely that these wounds will turn into unsightly scars on his face and arms.

After the hotel refused to compensate them and take full responsibility, the victims contacted bed bug attorneys for advice. A licensed attorney was able to walk them through their case and help take it to court.

The parents gathered evidence, taking photos of bed bugs along with their bites. The Health Department was contacted and later confirmed a severe infestation at the hotel.

The family’s attorneys helped them reached a settlement of $40,000 for damages.

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