Woman Sues Motel for $5 Million

Woman Visiting Charlottesville Wakes Up Sick After Spending A Night At The Super 8 Motel

A New York woman, Janie McFarland, was visiting Charlottesville with her church group in September 2014. After spending a night in the local Super 8 Motel, she woke up with over 40 bites all over her body.

“It was our first night when I spent the night, so the entire time at the church service I was sick,” McFarland said.

She also mentioned seeing spots of blood on her pillow, providing her indication that her face and neck were being bitten. Janie claims that her body experienced severe swelling as a result of an allergic reaction to the bites.

“I pulled the sheet back even more and there were bed bugs from the head to foot of the bed just crawling” said McFarland.

Janie filed a lawsuit against the motel because they consistently denied her accusations that the room was infested. The motel provided documents that prove that they treated the rooms against various insects, but not bed bugs.

The court ruled that the motel didn’t check for bed bugs until the day after she left, which amounts to the first in time 2 years.

Janie is expecting to receive $5 million for negligence.

Source: wtvr.com

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