Bed Bug Attorney in Norfolk, Virgina

Norfolk is an independent city in Virginia with a population of 243,000 according to the 2010 U.S. Census.

Norfolk is a great city to spend a weekend in style with a little retail therapy. This city has a lot to offer in terms of style, with a consistent nightlife scene and attractions that include the Virginia Zoo, and Nauticus for families.

The city has been a hub of American history due to its proximity to cities that played a huge part in the revolutionary and civil wars. Although the city of Norfolk is not the most talked about, or not home to any big-name sports teams, it still attracts its fair share of tourists and foot traffic.

While tourism is great for the city itself, it unfortunately is also the contributing reason to Norfolk being considered one of the top bed bug infested cities in the country.

Bed Bug Lawyer in Norfolk, Virginia

Have you or a loved one been effected by a bed bug infestation? Our bed bug experts are committed to helping bed bug victims get a lawyer to seek justice for their bed bug injuries. Our team understands how much suffering a bed bug infestation can cause, on an emotional, financial, and physical level.

We do our best to fight for fair compensation for both monetary and non-monetary losses.

Bed Bug Facts & Details

Though bed bugs are often confused with other insects, they do have quite noticeable characteristics. Bed bugs have brownish, oval bodies that are about a quarter of an inch.

Unlike other like minded pests, these insects don’t have wings, but have still made themselves very effective at spreading rapidly.

Bed bugs survive by feeding on the blood of their hosts, and after a big meal they typically swell up to much larger than their original size, which can surprise unsuspecting victims. Bed bugs typically hide in the following places:

  • Mattresses, bed frames, headboards
  • Under furniture
  • Baseboards, dark crevices
  • Behind wall-hangings
  • In your belongings or clothes

Bed bugs don’t just feed on humans but rather any warm-blooded mammal that is within distance.

This means that if you believe you have been subject to bed bugs, you should check your pets as well.

Bed Bug Misconceptions

There are a number of myths and inaccuracies when it comes to bed bugs. So let’s take a moment and provide you with the facts:

  • Bed bugs are not only attracted to “dirty” surroundings, but in fact, there are some studies that indicate a cleaner environment allows them to spread faster.
  • Bed bugs feed on blood, but do not typically transmit disease to other humans. Bed bug bites are often mild and cause general irritation. There are cases, however, where bed bugs can cause more severe health issues.
  • Bed bugs can travel to adjacent rooms on the same floor, or the floor above or below. Proper treatment protocols require treatment of adjacent rooms as well.

Bed Bug Presence in Virginia

Overall, bed bugs are on the rise in Virginia, as several Virginia cities are listed according to a study by the pest control company Orkin. This includes not only Norfolk but also Portsmouth, hotels in Virginia Beach, including resorts at the oceanfront and elsewhere.

The reason being is that the climate in Virginia is ideal for bed bugs, and pest control measures for these insects can sometimes be complicated.

Bed bugs are unusually resilient when it comes to common pesticides and have continued to evolve and generate increasing resistance to existing pest control methods.

Am I Eligible For Compensation?

If you’re a victim of bed bug bites in Norfolk Virginia in a hotel, apartment, Airbnb, used furniture store, or assisted living facility, you may be entitled to damages under the law. These damages could include any of the following:

  • Bodily injuries
  • Cosmetic scarring, embarrassment, or humiliation
  • Physical pain
  • Mental anguish (anxiety, disturbed sleep etc.)
  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage

We believe that hotels and apartments have a duty to their guests/tenants.

If you believe you were subject to an infestation, the first thing to do is seek proper treatment for your injuries. After your condition is stable, make sure to contact us to discuss your case.

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