Bed Bug Lawyers in Baltimore

Baltimore is a major city in Maryland and is home to the largest population of people in the state (620,000 people according to the U.S. census bureau).

This city has a long history as a large seaport, and its iconic harbor is home to a vast number of foot traffic on a daily basis. The harbor offers shops and an aquarium that showcases thousands of marine creatures.

Though the city is not without its problems, as it is commonly known as a hot spot for less welcoming creatures, the bed bug.

Bed bug cases are becoming more and more prevalent in the city of Baltimore, and victims of bed bug infestations can experience multiple types of injuries.

Baltimore is currently ranked in the top 5 of most infested cities in the country according to Orkin.

The Baltimore city health department indicates that victims will often mistaken bed bugs for ticks or roaches when found in their home, apartment, or hotel room.

The University of Maryland extension talks about how all stages of bed bug infestations appear in groups, and will grow larger and more dangerous if not identified and dealt with quickly.

How did I become a Victim of Bed Bugs?

It is also possible to move into your home or apartment where in infestation is already present, even if the property has not been occupied for some time (find out how to locate bed bugs here).

Property owners, landlords, and hotel managers will do everything they can to get out of the legal responsibilities related to these infestations by alleging that you brought them when you moved into the property.

Maryland Bed Bug Laws & Regulation

Maryland law requires landlords and property owners to maintain their living space in a certain condition. This doctrine is called the implied warranty of habitability.

The premise behind this is that for the landlord to use his/her apartments for the intended purpose of a dwelling, he/she must set a minimum standard of living in the areas for which the tenants will live.

Depending on certain conditions, this area should be suitable for human inhabitance, whereas the standard of living may be diminished or considered uninhabitable by the presence of bed bugs.

If bed bugs are found in an apartment:

The property owner shall be responsible for the extermination of pests within the structure before renting or leasing the apartment.

Single Occupancy: In this case the tenant may be responsible for the extermination of bed bugs within the structure premises.

Multiple Occupancy: The property owners or operator of structures containing two or more housing units, will be responsible for the extermination of bed bugs except when the infestation was caused by a failure* of the tenant.

Failure* – when the tenant does not take reasonable action to prevent an infestation within their housing unit.

Further information can be found through Maryland landlord Tenant Law on the National Conference of State Legislatures website.

Bed Bugs in Baltimore Hotels

Spotting a bed bug in your hotel room can be a very unsettling experience, and unfortunately it’s not a very uncommon one. If you suspect there are bed bugs in your room, you should take a picture and show hotel management.

Bed bugs travel to other rooms through cracks in ceiling, floors, and walls, so simply switching to another room is not exactly a safe bet.  If you switch rooms or leave the hotel entirely, be careful to not let bed bugs ride home with you.

If you were unfortunate enough to be bitten by bed bugs in a hotel room you will need to take more in depth action which you’ll learn about in the following section.

To prevent staying at hotels in Baltimore with a history of bed bugs you can monitor forums on TripAdvisor or the bed bug registry, which collects reports from hotel guests who were victim of an infestation.

Whenever you stay in a temporary residence like a hotel or Airbnb it’s important to use these methods to inspect for bed bugs.

Who Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

The University of Maryland Extension talks about how bed bugs in all stages can be present in an infestation, whether it be eggs, nymphs, or adult bed bugs.

People often mistake bed bugs for similar insects such as small roaches and ticks, so it’s paramount that you identify the insect you’re witnessing properly.

Bed bugs have the following physical traits:

Color – Reddish Brown

Size – Oval shaped, about 3mm long (quarter inch)

Movement – They are wingless so cannot fly but they still can travel fast

Bed bugs can be found anywhere in your residence but also on you, so it’s important to check for common places on your body that bed bugs could hide.

 What To Do If I was Bitten By Bed Bugs?

For this reason, if you feel you have been bitten by bed bugs, it’s extremely important to go through the following steps.

  • Seek Medical Treatment – Bed bug bites are typically harmless in the long-term, but in rare cases bed bugs do carry dangerous diseases such as Chagas Disease. Make sure to seek out a medical professional if you’re experiencing severe symptoms.
  • Gather Evidence – Take pictures and videos of the bed bugs present, as well as clear pictures of your injuries. Try and locate the origin of the bed bug infestation (i.e. the nest).
  • Inform the Hotel Manager or Landlord – Inform management about the infestation, and document the conversation in writing, also make sure to have the full name and contact information of the individual you spoke to.
  • Seal your Belongings – Take any belongings that were exposed to the infestation and seal them away properly in a trash bag. This could be clothes, shoes, handbags, sheets, etc..
  • Wash all of your clothes that were exposed and dry on high heat.
  • Ensure that you vacate the premises with your belongings as quickly as possible, try not to stay there another night if that can be avoided.

Do Bed Bugs Cause Illness?

As mentioned earlier, in most cases bed bugs do not cause illness, but there are times when bed bugs can produce more than an irritating bite.

Recently, researchers have disproved the assumption that bed bugs cannot carry disease and make people sick in the longterm.

By nature, bed bugs are pathogen carrying vectors, and can cause a number of potentially severe symptoms in people. In some cases people will suffer an allergic reaction from the bites, These can itch intensely, which likely can result in scratching.

Once the bites are scratched it can open up the wound and potentially cause infection.

Some serious bed bug bite symptoms include:

  • Feeling ill
  • Formation of blisters
  • Severe fever
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Irregular heartbeat

For the most part, these are the physical symptoms that a person can obtain from severe bed bug bite injuries, but that doesn’t even take into account the emotional impact an infestation can have on your mental well-being.

Below are some of the emotional symptoms that victims can experience from an infestation.

Phycological Effects of Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs violate our most personal space, including our clothes, our beds, and our homes. This can cause pain and is often a side effect that gets overlooked.

Bed bugs don’t discriminate, they can infest anything from a luxury hotel to a motel like the Super 8.

Embarrassment is often a cause of bed bug infestations in your home, as it can cause a stigma or cause embarrassing physical scars.

People get the feeling of being a social outcast as a bed bug victim, and this can last for a long period of time until it becomes overwhelming.

Other mental symptoms of bed bug bites can include the following:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Consistent nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Delusory Parasitosis

This doesn’t count all of the stress that is endured due to loss of possessions or monetary sacrifices due to time lost from work. One study shows that 474 individuals living in known bed bug infested homes exhibited sleeplessness, emotional problems, distress, and severe anxiety.

Can I Sue for a Bed Bug Injury in Baltimore?

Our team of bed bug experts can connect you with expert bed bug lawyers that will help determine if you have a case. We’ll take care of you and ensure you are given a clear picture of the potential recovery in your representation.

If you suffered monetary or non-monetary damages as a result of negligence, you may be eligible for a case.

We’ll connect you with the right individuals who can help on day one and provide you with a personalized experience.

What Kind of Damages Can I Recover?

Once you find the correct bed bug lawyer in Baltimore to represent your case, there are many different types of damages that will be discussed with you.

This can result in monetary damages such as cost of replacing personal property, medical expenses, prescription costs, lost wages, or medical appointments.

We’ll also discuss your expenses related to the infestation such as professional extermination or carpet cleaning.

Get in touch with our team to ensure you are connected with the right lawyer today!

Baltimore Bed Bug Lawsuit Lawyers

If you or a loved one was bitten by bed bugs in your Baltimore hotel or apartment, we can connect you with a licensed bed bug lawyer immediately.

Get in touch for a free consultation, you won’t pay any fees unless you win your case.

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