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Our 3 Step  Process

Learn How to Check for Bed Bugs in less than 15 minutes

How to Inspect For Bed Bugs


1. Flashlight: Identify bed bugs in dark and hard-to-reach places.  2. Vacuum: Suck up and trap any bed bugs that you find during the inspection.  3. Latex Gloves: Saftey is important when running your hands through small spaces

Gather the Correct Tools

There are certain signs that you can find around your house to determine whether you have bed bugs. A few of the signs include:  1. Bed Bug Eggs 2. Blood Stains 3. A Musty Smell 4. Bed Bug Droppings 5. And More!


Look For Bed Bug Signs

Can You Really See Bed Bugs with The Naked Eye?

If you have identified an infestation, you must take steps to eradicate all bed bugs within the residence. There are multiple ways to permanently kill these insects, whether it be DIY solutions or calling in a pest control specialist.


Remove The Infestation